Now is the perfect time to de-clutter and clean-up your home after the holiday season!

The post-holiday season can be quite depressing. We have emptied our wallets, invested hours of cleaning, organising, and cooking. And when the celebrations are over, all we have left is a messy house and scarce finances in one of the dullest months of the year. This is why our Happy House Cleaning experts have come up with this brilliant clean-up routine that can help you get your home and your life back on track.

Deep vacuuming will brighten up your home after the holidays!

Vigorous Vacuuming For the Whole House

All the foot traffic and the non-stop holiday cooking sure left more than the usual amount of dirt in your home. And although January isn’t the best time for deep carpet cleaning you can still take care of the dust and grime left from the holidays by running the hoover methodically from top to bottom of every room. You will be amazed how bright your home will become after a vigorous vacuuming! Don’t forget to vacuum the library and the soft furnishings too, as they have been proven to be among the biggest dust magnets in your home.

De-cluttering your pantry and fridge is essential after the holiday season is over. Photo: Flickr

Clear Out Your Fridge and Pantry

During the holiday season, we often take advantage of the supermarket deals. It seems like a smart shopping move, right? However, most of the foods that we buy during these Christmas promotions are usually very close to their expiration dates. Which means that if these foods are not cooked and eaten in a month or two, we are left with a lot of unnecessary clutter in our fridge and cabinets.

This is why now is the right moment to go through your supplies. Get rid of everything that is out of date and only taking your storage space. Take in mind, that most canned goods can be used slightly after their expiration date. However, health experts recommend to not risking it. If you don’t want to be wasteful you can donate some of the foods that are still okay to eat. Or, you can make a meal plan on how to use what’s left in your pantry the most optimal way.

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You probably won’t use even half of the gifts you have received this Christmas… So why keep them all? Photo: Flickr

Break Free from Unwanted Christmas Gifts

Every year we all receive a bunch of gifts during the holiday season, and we usually keep them out of sentiment or just because we are not really sure what to do with them. Eventually, they keep piling and taking up more and more of your living space. January is the best time to get rid of all the things you will never use and de-clutter your way to a tidier home. If you can’t return them, you can still sell them online or simply donate them. Even if you don’t need a new set of kitchen knives, someone could make good use of them. 

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Give your oven a good scrub after the big holiday cook-off and you will change the look of the whole kitchen!

Deep Clean the Kitchen Appliances

Holidays are a time of heavy-duty use of the kitchen and all the cooking gadgets and appliances. And while the weather still doesn’t allow a deep cleaning of the whole house, it is perfect for taking care of greased, stained kitchen machinery. Check up these wonderfully easy cleaning recipes to help you tackle the task with ease:

If you feel that the post-holiday clean-up is a bit too much for you, don’t hesitate to call us. And it doesn’t have to be a long-term engagement! Our wonderful one-off cleaning service in London is perfect for the times you need a hand to turn your home back to its normal nice and cosy state!