How to Remove Candle Wax from the Carpet Fast and Easy?

Candle wax spills occur quite often during the holidays.
  Candles are a beautiful and relaxing accessory to every home interior. They are festive, romantic and provide us with soft light and warmth to our winter evenings at home. Unfortunately, when you spill candle wax on the carpet or onto the upholstery, the result is a sticky mess, which seems almost impossible to get off the textile. Fortunately, candle wax stains are rather easy to clean if you know how to remove them. Today we are sharing with you this tested, 5-step method for cleaning candle wax stains from your carpets and upholstery. Read also: 4 Amazing Homemade Carpet Cl...

How to Spend Stress-Free Holidays at Home?

If you are dreading the upcoming holiday season, then you are not alone. Christmas and New Year are supposed to be among the best moments of the year. However, for many of us, this means endless hours of cooking and shopping, stressing over presents. Not to mention – the exhaustion from cleaning after the dinners and gatherings at home. However, it doesn’t have to be like that! Read these 5 suggestions from our home improvement experts and get the Christmas you deserve! Simplify the To-Do List There is no harm in writing a detailed checklist for the holidays. After all, we all want ...

3 Reasons Why Steam Cleaning is the Best Method for Your Carpet

You can step on the carpet just a few hours after the treatment.
As you know, we pay a lot of attention to carpet and rug cleaning in our blog posts. We have shared with you some of the best methods to remove stains and also maintenance tips for keeping your rug's as-new condition. Although it is crucial to include regular vacuuming and stain treatment to your housekeeping routine, carpets still need to be deep cleaned once or twice every year. There are various methods of carpet treatment, and they all have their pluses. However, over time, the hot water extraction called also steam cleaning has proved to be the best approach for maintaining most types...

3 Easy Ways You Can Clean Mildew at Home

Don't let mould and mildew take over your home.
  Last time we have shared with you how to stop condensation and prevent mildew appearance. However, if these fungi have already taken your home, it is essential to treat the affected areas as soon as possible. Choosing appropriate cleaning method and product is necessary if you want to prevent mildew from appearing again. Here are three easy and efficient ways to kill the bacteria causing mould in the most common places in your home. Bathroom Tiles and Grout Humidity provides the perfect conditions for bacterial growth. That is why the bathroom tiles, grout, as well as the c...

How to Prevent Mould and Condensation at Home During Winter?

Condensation is one of the main reasons for mould growth d growth at home, especially in cold winter months. Mildew and mould are fungi, which thrive in the damp environment. They can lead to significant damage to your home and cause some serious health issues like respiratory problems, irritation of skin and eyes, strong headache and sinus congestion. If you want to prevent condensation and keep your home mould and mildew free during winter, read our home cleaning expert’s tips below. How Does the Condensation Form at Home? Cooking, bathing, washing and drying laundry inside the house lea...

10 Essential Tasks for Your Fall Cleaning List – Part 2

  Autumn is the best season for certain chores if you want to enjoy warmth and comfort in your home during the winter. Last time we have shared with you the first part of our essential fall cleaning list, paying more attention to indoor areas. Today we are focusing on storage spaces, walls, roof and insulation. 6 Windows & Doors Good insulation is crucial if you want to keep the warmth and winter and lower the humidity at home warm during the winter. This is why it is important to include checking the conditions of the frames of doors and windows in your autumn cleaning to-do lis...

10 Essential Tasks for Your Fall Cleaning List – Part 1

It is crucial to prepare your home in advance for a stress-free winter. It doesn’t matter if you live in a city or in the countryside, whether you are in an apartment or in a house – humidity, low temperatures and lack of sunlight are putting your place’s comfort at stake. And although most people leave heavy-duty house chores for Spring many experts recommend Autumn as a better time to tackle some of the deep cleaning tasks in your home. This is why we have asked the Keen Clean professionals what are the essential tasks you must include in your Fall cleaning list. Here is what they’ve ...

7 Steps for Easy Cleaning of Your Toaster

Dirty toasters pose a serious fire hazard. Photo:
The toaster is one of these appliances that we often neglect cleaning. Although we use it every morning for a quick breakfast, we don't pay attention to it, until it clogged with bread crumbs and covered with dirt. So next time you clean your kitchen, spare 30 minutes and make your toaster shine. Check also: How to Clean Your Oven Like a Pro 7 Easy Steps for Cleaning the Toaster Cleaning a toaster is much like cleaning your kitchen oven - there are burnt food chunks and sometimes even old grease splashes on the outside. Fortunately, the toaster is a lot easier and faster to handle. You wi...

5 of the Most Common Cleaning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Stain cleaning is a delicate task, especially when removing spills from upholstery and carpets.
In our work, we often see worn out furniture, deteriorated mattresses, and permanent stains disfiguring even high-quality carpets and rugs. All of these are often result of inappropriate treatment. Check which are the most common cleaning mistakes and how to avoid making them in order to keep the house clean and prolong the life of your furnishings. Treating Carpet Stains with Spot Removal for Clothes People often try removing stains from furniture and carpets with spot cleaners designed for linens and clothes and this is a huge mistake. When we tell this to our clients, they always ask – ...

How to Keep the House Clean and Tidy When Having a Cat?

You can remove cat hair from your upholstery with a lint roller.
Having a pet is great and it doesn't mean you need to live in a mess! Our team of professional cleaners shares 6 easy ways to keep your home clean and tidy, even if you share it with a cat! Brush Cat’s Fur In order to control the amount of hair, sticking to your clothes, furniture and carpets you need to take better care of your cat’s coat. Brush your pet with specialised glove every few days if it has short fur, and daily – if your feline has a long fur. When you brush your pets, the most of the excessive fur goes to the glove and not on your carpets and furniture, or in your cat’s stomac...