If you are dreading the upcoming holiday season, then you are not alone. Christmas and New Year are supposed to be among the best moments of the year. However, for many of us, this means endless hours of cooking and shopping, stressing over presents. Not to mention – the exhaustion from cleaning after the dinners and gatherings at home. However, it doesn’t have to be like that!
Read these 5 suggestions from our home improvement experts and get the Christmas you deserve!

Simplify the To-Do List

There is no harm in writing a detailed checklist for the holidays. After all, we all want to give our best to feel festive during this time of the year. However, overcomplicated to-dos achieved nothing but making us nervous and focused on the small details, instead of the bigger picture.

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Shopping in Advance

Write down your shopping list as early as you can and do all of your shopping at least one week before the holidays. This way you won’t have to go through a last-minute shopping frenzy in an overcrowded supermarket. Trust us this really cuts down the stress levels during the holiday season.

Cook Less

Cooking takes a lot of time, and let’s face it – it doesn’t always worth the effort. If you are planning a family gathering at home, ask each guest to bring something. You can also opt for finger foods, instead of the traditional heavy meals. If you insist on a traditional Christmas dinner, you can pre-order some of the meals and focus your time and efforts on 1 or 2 dishes. Stock up on snacks and beverages – they can save your life in the evenings when you are not in the mood for cooking. This way you will have enough time to spend with your loved ones, instead of slaving hours in the kitchen.

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Clean When and Where it Matters

Although it is tempting to make your home look like a home-décor magazine cover, postpone the big deep cleaning tasks for another time of the year. Disinfect the toilet and bathroom. Vacuum, tidy, and decorate the living room, where you will be spending most of the time. Pay a special attention to the kitchen and food preparation areas. Clean the fridge and the freezer thoroughly and make room for food leftovers. Use simpler plates when dining with the closest members of your family and you will spare yourself from spending hours hand-washing fine china and crystal.

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Spend More Time at Home

At last, but not least – having an effortless, stress-free Christmas can be simple if you focus on having fun together with your family. Spend more time at home, politely refuse the invitations from those, who are not among your closest circle. Use the free time to bond with your children over board games, puzzles, or even a classic story-telling evening.

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And remember – if you don’t want to spend endless hours tidying up the house, you can always rely on our home cleaning team in London to give you a hand before or after the holiday celebrations.