The symptoms of respiratory conditions, allergies, and even asthma can be eased with appropriate cleaning methods and products.

Regular cleaning can help keep allergies and asthma symptoms away for many people. But depending on the products you use, that chore can actually make things worse. With their colourful bottles and cheerful advertisements, it’s easy to forget that many home cleaning products are chemical mixtures. Toxic chemicals found in many common cleaners can set off skin and respiratory reactions, especially in people who are vulnerable – the elderly, the small children, and the pregnant women. So, before you reach for those magical bottles at the supermarket, read on.

Even products labeled as “green cleaners” may contain ingredients that trigger your allergies.

Be Careful with the “Green” Labels

Disinfectants, air fresheners, sprays, and all-purpose cleaners – these home-cleaning products cannot only trigger but also cause allergic reactions and asthma. Many people with allergies opt for green cleaners to avoid toxic chemicals. However, labelling on most household products and detergents is, at best, incomplete and they can contain dozens of compounds. So unless you hold a degree in chemistry, trying to identify the exact content of any given cleaner is next to impossible. The safest option is to look for green products certified by a recognized organisation or government bodies, such as the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.
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Natural cleaners like castile soap can successfully substitute a lot of the harsh products we use.

Safe Alternatives to Toxic Home Cleaners

There are alternative strategies for replacing every single cleaning product with a certified one. Avoid disinfectants, unless absolutely necessary, minimise the use of spray products to reduce the risk of inhaling harmful chemicals, steer clear of products that contain quaternary ammonium compounds (a.k.a. “quats”). Try to use natural cleaners like plain soap, baking soda, and vinegar – they can tackle most cleaning jobs with some elbow grease. You can even prepare your own cleaners, following the recipes on our website.

Deep-clean carpets, upholstery, and drapes every few months if you suffer from skin or respiratory conditions.

Home Cleaning Tactics to Prevent Allergies and Ease Their Symptoms

If you are prone to skin or respiratory conditions, then the following tips will help you ease the irritations and even prevent developing new allergies. You can also read “How to Turn Your Home into a Healthier Place This Year.
• Try to use natural cleaners whenever possible
• Prepare your own cleaning products. Here are 3 easy ways to make green carpet cleaners
• Never use more of a commercial cleaning product than you need
• Don’t mix different cleaning products, as this can create dangerous compounds
• Follow the instructions on the labels
• Always wear gloves and a protective mask when recommended
• Always ventilate your home after using heavy-duty cleaners
• Odour and toxicity levels are not linked – just because a given product doesn’t have a strong smell, it doesn’t mean it’s safe
• Try to switch to fragrance-free products and avoid artificial air fresheners
• Take care of the air quality in your home. Vacuum regularly and dust using a damp cloth

Wearing gloves when cleaning your home will prevent contact with harsh chemicals and allergens.

• If necessary, wear a mask when cleaning the dust, or ask someone else to do the chores that are more likely to cause irritation or worsen your symptoms
Deep-clean carpets and furniture at least once every six months
• Wash curtains and drapes at least once every six months
• Regularly vacuum your bedroom and deep-clean your mattress it every few months
• Always make sure to dry the floors and furnishings well after cleaning – dampness can cause mould growth, which is also linked to allergies and respiratory problems
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