We often talk with our clients about their cleaning routine. This helps us determine their requirements and provide them with the best result with our service. Unsurprisingly, dusting is among the most hated chores for almost every homeowner. Why is that? Because dusting is a tedious task you simply cannot avoid if you want a clean, nice looking home.

Although you cannot skip cleaning it, you can still do something to lower the amount of dust in your home. There are some spots where dust tends to collect the most. If you clean them properly you will minimise the overall amount of dust at your house and make cleaning a whole lot easier.

Ceiling Fans and Chandeliers

Why do ceiling fans (and fans in general) attract so much dust? To answer this you need to remember some of your high school physics lessons. As the fans’ blades rotate, they undergo frictional forces because of the “rubbing” against the air. This helps their surface to build up a net charge. Since dust particles also have charge of their own, dust gets attracted to the blades. This is why, although it seems logical for the dust to fall of the blades when the fan is working, it keeps stuck to their surface.

What is the best way to clean your ceiling fan? Get a microfibre towel and wipe thoroughly the blades of the fan. Don’t miss the light fixtures and other parts of the chandelier as well. Although the Internet has gone crazy over cleaning the ceiling fan blades with a pillowcase, the truth is, cotton, linen, silk, and other natural materials used for pillowcases aren’t as efficient in picking the dust particles, as the microfibre.

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Lamp shades and light bulbs

Just like the ceiling fans, lamp shades and light bulbs attract more dust than other surfaces and areas at home. Dim, dusty light bulbs are also huge energy wasters. While the glass is dirty and lowers the illumination, the light still continues to draw power. The best way to clean the lampshade is to get a clean paintbrush. Use it to carefully sweep off the dust from the surface. You can also vacuum the shade if you have a soft upholstery attachment. As for the light bulb, you can use a clean microfibre cloth.

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Carpets and Rugs

We have already written a lot about carpets, rugs, as well as many tips on how to clean and maintain them. Carpets act as a huge dust traps in your home. When you walk on your home carpet, your feet “rub” it, creating a charge. This is why, rugs attract and accumulate soil, dirt, and small dust particles invisible to the human eye. Regular vacuuming, at least once a week, is a must in order to keep your carpet dust free. Actually, if you often vacuum your carpet, you will lower the overall amount of dust in your home, which will result in less surface dust cleaning. However, hiring a professional carpet cleaning service is a must if you want to maintain your rugs hygienic and in good shape.

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Next time we are going to explore which are the rest of the dust magnets in our homes and how to clean them easier and faster.