When the smallest member of the family arrives in our life we tend to start cleaning the house more often and with much stronger detergents and cleaners. However, this is not always the best approach, because a lot of common and heavy-duty house cleaning products contain dangerous toxic ingredients that can harm your child’s health. In the 1st part of this article we’ve talked about dangerous ingredients in all-purpose cleaners, bathroom cleaners and antibacterial products. Let see what are the other products that can threat your family’s health.

Window Cleaners

Read carefully the labels, when picking glass cleaning products – most of them contain nerve damaging ingredients, such as butyl cellosolve. They are easily absorbed through your skin. Window and glass cleaning product also contain ammonia – substance that can irritate children’s vulnerable airways. The fact that ammonia releases toxic gases if accidentally mixed with cleaners containing chlorine, makes windows and glass cleaner a product, that you should use moderately and only when your child is not around. You can either invest in an eco-friendly window cleaner, or simply dilute some white distilled vinegar in warm water and use this solution to clean glass surfaces in your home.

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Scouring Creams and Oven Cleaners

We often pick these heavy duty products in the supermarket, because they save time when we have to deal with built up dirt, grease and stubborn stains. However, scoring creams contain silicon dioxide (silica). Silica can harm lungs and airways when inhaled. These cleaners also contain bleach, which when mixed with other cleaners can evaporate toxic gases and irritates lungs, skin and eyes. Oven cleaning products often contain lye and sodium hydroxide, which are corrosive and burn skin and eyes. We know, that using scrubbing and scouring products can save time and efforts when cleaning, but you shouldn’t use them when your children are around.

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Enzyme Cleaners

Enzyme cleaners are very efficient in breaking down protein or grease stains fast and easy. Most experts consider enzyme cleaners to be safe – after all, enzymes are produced by all living creatures to speed up chemical reactions. However, when having small children, you should avoid using enzyme-based products on rugs and upholstery, because the residues from the product can get trapped into the fibres, causing allergies to young and vulnerable organisms. It is important to mention that some enzyme cleaners contain harsh preservatives, surfactants and other harsh chemicals found in other common house cleaning products.

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Air fresheners, deodorisers and aerosols

These are among the most dangerous products for human health. They contain various toxic ingredients that can harm the most vulnerable members of your family. Deodorising blocks and moth repellents often contain para-dichlorobenzene – a strongly carcinogenic ingredient. Artificial fragrances, especially those found in aerosols lead to various allergies, and are linked to strong migraines and asthmatic reactions in most vulnerable groups – elderly, pregnant women and small children.

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