Cleaning the dust at home can be a tedious task and it’s not surprising most of us postpone it. However, if you deal with the dustiest places and spots around the house you can lower the overall amount of dust significantly. We have already written how to deal with grimy ceiling fans, light bulbs and carpets. Let’s check which are the rest of the dust magnets at home and how to clean them effectively.


The library is amongst the dustiest places at home. However, cleaning your books is easier than you think. Get the small brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner and thoroughly run it through your bookshelf. You don’t need to pull out every book and clean it individually every time, just vacuum the edges and the top of the books. You can wipe the book covers one by one during your spring-cleaning routine.

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Textile curtains attract a lot of dust. They act like an air filter of the room, trapping small particles and debris when windows are open. This is why it’s important to clean your curtains regularly if you want to reduce the amount of dust getting in. Vacuum thoroughly your drapes with the upholstery attachment once every week. You should also consider washing your drapes every 3 months. Most curtains can be machine washed safely, without risk of shrinking and deterioration. However, lace and chiffon curtains should be hand washed. As for heavy types of drapes, such as velvet, professional curtain cleaning is the best option.


Yep, you have read this correctly! Clothes, as other fabric items tend to attract huge amounts of dust. Of course, you cannot wash your whole wardrobe every week. But you can take outside the garments that don’t need to be washed very often (like coats and jackets) and brush them off. You can also run the vacuum on your coats and vests with the upholstery attachment every 2-3 months. The best way to store your clothes and prevent them from dust is to cover them with plastic cases.

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Like curtains and drapes, window blinds are a barrier between dust coming from outside and your home. Cleaning blinds made of plastic, wood, or other solid material, is quite easy. Once a week, take a damp clean cloth and wipe them off. You can dip the cleaning towel in an anti-static cleaner for a greater efficiency. As for textile blinds, you can take them off and machine-wash them safe at lower temperature – 30 or 40 degrees.

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Electronic appliances

All electronics at home have their own electric charge and literally attract small dust particles. This is why your monitors, TV screens, printers, DVDs and other devices always have a thin layer of dust on them. Dealing with dust on electronics is quite easy. They need to be wiped with a microfibre towel. However, if you want to prolong the effect of the cleaning, you can use specialised anti-static spray.

Stuffed Animals

We all have some unnecessary and impractical items at home – beloved toys and souvenirs. However, textile decorations and stuffed attract dust as much as clothes, carpets, and curtains. The problem with these things is that often they can’t be washed. Luckily, there is a simple, quite efficient solution. Take a big paper bag and pour 1 cup of table salt inside. Then put the toys in the bag close it and shake well. Go outside, take the out the toys and shake-off any excessive salt let. Don’t throw away the salt, just wrap the bag and use it again. You can use this method to clean artificial flower, stuffed animals, and other textile decorations.

Furniture Covers and Throw Pillows

Furniture covers, blankets, and throw pillows trap dust as easy as your carpets do. To reduce the amount of dust and dirt in your home, don’t forget to take these items out every week and beat the dust off them. Throw covers and blankets should be machine-washed every month, and even more often if you have pets. Upholstery also traps a lot of dust and hair, so experts recommend hiring experienced professionals for a deep upholstery cleaning.