A few days ago we came across an article, claiming there are 9 cleaning chores you can do once a year. Of course, we were curious and asked our professional cleaners to read it and give their opinion. And although some of the tips were accurate, our team didn’t agree with the rest. Here is what our colleagues from the home cleaning team think.

1. Wiping down window frames – False

The article, posted in The Telegraph claimed that you only need to wipe down the dust and dirt from the window frames just once a year. We cannot agree with this. Wiping the window frames should be included in your monthly cleaning chores – this will prevent the dirt from piling up and getting trapped into the corners and cracks of the frame, especially if you have wooden window frames. Regular wiping of this area will ease your work next time you decide to clean your windows.

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2. Cleaning Up the ‘Man Drawer’ – True

In every home there is one drawer, box or cabinet, where we put random items, that doesn’t seem to belong anywhere else – batteries, old chargers, rubber bands, small change – etc. We throw these things in the drawer and we forget them almost immediately. If you don’t lack of space, there is no need to organise this more than once a year, however, don’t forget to include purging the drawer during your spring cleaning routine.

3. Wiping Light Bulbs – It Depends

Over time dust covers every inch of our homes, including the light bulbs. When the dust layer become thick, the light becomes dimmer and this is a clear sign you need to wipe down bulbs. However there are many factors that determine how quickly the dust accumulates at home. So, in some houses you need to wipe the light bulbs more than once a year, but for others you should do it more often.

4. Washing the Curtains – False

Our cleaning experts are adamant, that washing the curtains should be done at least twice a year. Over time, dust gets trapped in all textile items – such as curtains, carpets and upholstery. Washing the curtains once a year is not enough to keep them clean. Instead, it is a good idea to wash your curtains every time you clean the windows at home. If you are afraid that the drapes fabric will fade and wear out, use laundry detergent for delicates and set your washing machine on low temperature and short cycle.

5. Fireplace Cleaning and Prophylactic – True

Fireplace doesn’t need cleaning more than once a year, and this can be included during the autumn cleaning, when you prepare your home for winter. Call professionals to clean the chimney before you set the first fire for the cold season.

6. Deep Cleaning of Upholstered Furniture – It Depends

Al fabrics accumulate dust and dirt, some easier than others. We have already posted a guide, explaining how to maintain different types of upholstery. In order to keep your soft furnishings clean you should vacuum them thoroughly every 2 weeks, and deep-clean the upholstery once a year. However, if you have pets, you should vacuum every week and respectively – deep clean the furniture more often. Also, if there are small children, or asthma sufferers in the house it is wise to clean your soft furnishing more regularly.

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7. Clean the Outdoor Furniture – True

Your garden and patio furnishing need one thorough cleaning in the beginning of warm season. You can rinse down outdoor chairs and tables with the garden hose in spring, and just wipe them down from time to time (if needed) until the end of summer.

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8. Deep Carpet Cleaning – False

As with curtains and sort furnishing, carpets accumulate a lot of dust and dirt. We also carry different contaminants from outside. Deep cleaning twice a year is what most carpet manufacturers and cleaning experts recommend in order to get rid of soil, and bacteria that get trapped in carpets.

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9. Cleaning the gutters – It Depends

In most cases removing leaves and branches clogging the house’ gutters once a year is enough. However, if there is a strong rain, wind or hailstorm the gutters can get clogged again. To prevent this, check the gutter after every particularly strong storm.

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