It might not feel like it, but summer is here. School is over, and it is time for vacations, hiking, and travel. Busy families cannot spare a lot of their time for cleaning, but you will enjoy your summer more and spend it better if you don’t let your home turn into a mess. Here are some ideas to help you keep your home clean during this season.

De-clutter Your Home

Summer is a busy season and it seems that everything tends to pile on in every corner of the house – sports equipment, clothes, suitcases, toys and gadgets. Even if your home is clean, the mess can make it look uninviting and neglected. Put a stop to that and make a de-cluttering schedule. Now, that the kids are on vacation, they have more than enough time to clean up their rooms and help tidy the rest of the house.

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Put Away Winter Garments and Thick Blankets

During this season you don’t need your winter clothes and blankets. Wash everything you don’t use, put the clean garments in plastic bags and store them in your garage or closet during the summer. The more things you out away the easier it will be to maintain your home clean and comfortable. You can even take this task a little bit further – pick all the clothes you haven’t wore this winter and get rid of them. If your clothes are in a good condition, you can either donate them to charity, or throw a garage sale. Summer is also a good time to clean and refresh your mattress.

Prepare Emergency Medicine Summer Kit

Kids have the whole summer for themselves to ride their bikes, run and play, which often means bruised knees and elbows. Inspect your medicine drawer and check what’s inside. Throw away any old medicine, and stock up with band-aid, bandages, sterilised cotton wool balls, rivanol etc. Buying some bugs repellent in advance is also a smart move. Keep first-aid kit at hand, you can even put a small box of medicine on the patio.

Deal with Stains on Clothes and Carpets

Nothing can ruin your summer mood like staining your favourite clothes. Don’t let stains from sweat, berries, mud, and various food damage your garments, upholstery and carpets. Learn how to deal with these stains – check these articles on our blog:

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Get Help and Save Money

Cleaning can be a daunting task, especially in summer, when everybody wants to take a rest and go to a vacation. Luckily, this period is a bit slow for home cleaning companies and they offer quite good package deals for various services. So, if you don’t feel like doing the job by yourself, you can call our one-off cleaning service in London to help you with the most difficult tasks.

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