Moving to a new place can be stressful experience, especially if you are in a hurry. All the packing, cleaning, and the meetings with you landlord can drain out your energy and make you go crazy. And things get even worse if you have to think about how to get your deposit money back from your landlord. This is why we asked our specialists to share their advice on how to make moving out easier and less painful.

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Start as Early as Possible

Most of the times you know you will be moving out at least a month before the event. Start planning as soon as you know the exact date. Prepare an inventory list to decide what to keep, what to give away and what to throw out. Make a plan and follow it strictly. If you are going to hire movers, make a thorough research to be sure you will get the best service. Don’t know how to find reliable company by yourself? You can check our tips on finding reliable cleaners online and follow the same procedure.

Small Renovations – Happy Landlord

If you are leaving a rental home, make sure everything is put in order – not only your bills, but the condition of the property as well. If there are broken appliances, light keys, missing door and cupboard knobs and handles – make sure to replace them. This is one of the steps that will ensure that you will get your deposit money back, as reported by Letting Agent Today. Another good idea is to check carefully if there are any marks and scratches on the walls and floor. Seal holes, left from nails on the walls and repaint – you should deliver the place in the same condition as you have found it.

Clean Up Your Financial Records

If you have kept a file with all of your expenses throughout the time you have been living in the property, then you know very well what is paid for. But if you have been sloppy with bookkeeping you might have a problem, especially if you are leaving a rental home. Check if everything has been paid for on time. And if there are any unpaid debts – cover them as soon as you can to avoid further accumulation of interests.

Pack Smart

Many people are leaving the packing of their belongings to the last possible minute and this is a BIG mistake. If you leave packing for the last minute, then you end up stuffing things chaotically into cardboard boxes and trash bags. Both ones you need and ones you don’t. This will make unpacking difficult and frustrating process. Start packing up as soon as possible and label every box and bag carefully, and thoroughly. This way you will be able to find everything you need right after you move.

End of Tenancy Cleaning – a Sure Way to Get Your Deposit Back

57 percent of the disputes over deposits are related to cleaning issues, and 51 percent are related to damage to fittings and fixtures. So if you are moving out of a rental, make sure the property is well cleaned – windows, kitchen appliances, bathrooms, carpets, and upholstery. These are the things that should be in a very good condition if you want to take back your deposit money. And if you are moving out in a hurry, it is worth considering hiring end of tenancy cleaning team. This is a smart investment. Prices can vary from around £83 to £255 depending of the size of the property. Truly, a small percent of the value of your deposit, that guarantees you will leave in a good terms with your landlord.