It is time for Spring Cleaning and one of the first things that pop out in our mind is cleaning of the windows. Sparkly windows can really transform the look of your whole house – nothing helps the place look so spacious and bright with so little effort! Clean windows can even help you get your deposit money back when moving out! A lot of people think that window cleaning is tedious job, but actually, with the right tools and cleaning technique, it is as simple as ABC. We asked Keen Clean specialists to share their secrets and help you deal with this chore fast and easy and achieve immaculate results!

Put the Vacuum in Action!

Many people miss this step when cleaning the windows and they end up with huge mess! Most experts recommend washing your curtains the same day you clean the windows – this way you will keep the spot clean longer. Remove the curtains and run the vacuum meticulously all around the corners, the glass and the ceiling above windows frames. Don’t forget vacuuming the window screens because they usually collect a lot of dust.

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Make Your Own Window Cleaning Solution

There are many kinds of windows and glass cleaning products in the supermarkets but the truth is you don’t need specialised product! You will have the same great result by simply pouring 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap into a bucket of water. Stir carefully – you don’t want to make a lot of lather. Take a clean sponge, dip it into the solution and scrub all stains onto the glass with circular motions. If you need to dissolve grease stains on window, pre-treat them with rubbing alcohol.

Clean the Glass with Proper Squeegee Technique

All experts agree that buying quality tools is a smart investment. Get squeegee with changing rubber blades. Always check the rubber before starting cleaning the windows. If the rubber is old and worn out – replace it with new one it, otherwise there will be dirty traces left after clean the window. Start cleaning from the top and go to the bottom of the glass with a single stroke. Before you make the new stroke, clean the rubber with lint free cloth – an old piece of cotton fabric, or microfibre cloth will do the job. If there is dirty water in the bottom of the window, you can wipe it off with a single horizontal stroke of the squeegee or with a lint free cloth.

Tips and Tricks from the Professional Cleaners

  1. Don’t pick a sunny day for window cleaning. Direct sunlight will make the solution dry faster, leaving traces on the windows and it will be more difficult to clean them.
  2. If there are old stickers leftovers to remove from the glass apply some oil them before you start cleaning the window. Grease will dissolve the adhesive. Some types of glue can also be removed easily with acetone. Scrape the residues with plastic knife or spatula, to avoid scratching the window.
  3. Use toothpaste to conceal tiny scratches on the glass. Use regular, non-abrasive toothpaste – apply onto the spot and rub it using soft cotton cloth. Toothpaste is a wonderful cleaning product!
  4. If there is a single fingerprint or stain on the window, there is no need to clean the whole glass. Wipe the pot, using soft cloth, dipped into rubbing alcohol.
  5. Place a few layers of paper towels on the bottom window frame to avoid dirty water dripping on the floor and your shoes.

Do you hate cleaning your windows? We get it! Don’t hesitate to book a professional window cleaner now and let them to do the job for you!