Spring cleaning can be costly if you don’t plan it right.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to eat up all your free time – outsource these 5 chores and you might even be able to put something on the side.

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Professionals will clean your carpets up to the highest standards for a fraction of the price of renting specialised equipment.

Deep Cleaning of Rugs and Carpets

Carpets are among the biggest dust magnets in your home, but the weather in winter weather in winter doesn’t allow us to do more than a quick vacuuming. Even with regular vacuuming dust gets trapped in the fibres and deteriorate the textile flooring. Deep carpet cleaning is a must during spring but completing is chore takes a lot of time and can be costly. Using cheap detergents is not an option because you risk to damage or discolour the threads without removing the stains and settled dirt. Instead of spending money on buying expensive cleansers you would use only once a year and renting the necessary equipment, you can just hire professional carpet cleaners and get amazing cleaning results.

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Renovations can get terribly messy and you might have to invest even more money in cleaning after a DIY repair.

Small Renovations

Spring cleaning is the perfect occasion not only to clean up and organise your home but also to refresh it and make some little improvements around the house. If you intend to revive the colour of the walls or install a new garage door, think twice before doing it yourself. Renovations can be time-consuming and messy, and although it seems that you can save some money doing them yourself, this rarely happens. Hiring professionals to handle the repairs will save you a lot of time, stress, and it can be even cheaper if you do your research in advance and hire skilled handymen in your area.

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Let the professionals handle the mattress cleaning this Spring.

Mattress and Upholstery Cleaning

All fabrics and textile covered items collect a lot of dust and dirt during the cold season. That is why deep cleaning of mattresses and upholstered furnishings must be included in your Spring Cleaning to do list. Nevertheless, dealing with this chore by yourself can get wrong if you don’t use proper tools and products, and these can be costly. Booking professional upholstery and mattress cleaners guarantee your furnishings will be immaculately cleaned fast and at a reasonable price.

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A professional will iron the piles of summer clothes wrinkled after the long winter in storage and you don’t have to lift a finger!


Spring cleaning means re-organisation of your wardrobes. All thick blankets and clothing go back to the storage spaces, and all seasonal clothes are brought back in use. However, after spending the long winter months folded and stuffed in closets, boxes, and ceilings, most spring and summers clothes need thorough ironing. If you are not a fan of this chore and you want to save yourself a lot of effort trying to erase the deep folds from your seasonal clothing, you can just hire professionals to handle the ironing for you.

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Oven cleaning can be a tedious task unless you outsource it to a professional!

Oven Cleaning

Winter is a season of comfort foods, and this means a heavy-duty use of the oven. Spring is the perfect time to clean the appliance and get it back to its as-new condition. However, after extended use ovens can be tricky to clean and removing all the grease and burnt food requires a lot of time and efforts. Hiring a professional oven cleaning service is an inexpensive way to get the appliance perfectly cleaned at a reasonable price, so it’s worth considering it.

If you are keen to keep your free time for yourself we can help you cross off the chores of your Spring cleaning to do list! Just call us and book our one-off cleanup service or any of the other jobs we provide and leave the scrubbing, wiping, dusting, vacuuming and polishing to our skilled professionals.

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