With these tips, your home will remain clean longer than usual.

Our home cleaning experts share these 6 tricks to maintain the results of the Spring cleaning as long as possible and make your housekeeping routine faster and easier.

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Prepare your morning toast without covering the counter with breadcrumbs.

Keep the Kitchen Dust and Crumbs-free

It is really discouraging to find the kitchen surfaces covered in dust, dirt or food crumbs just a few days after the Spring-cleaning. Especially when you have spent hours vigorously of vacuuming, wiping, and polishing every corner of the house. However, there are a few tricks to prevent this situation!

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  • Place a mat under the toaster to collect breadcrumbs and save time when cleaning the kitchen counter
  • Line the fridge shelves with press-and-seal paper to eliminate the need to scrub food and beverage spills
  • Put a silicone heat-resistant mat on the bottom of your oven to maintain it clean longer
  • Line the cabinets where you keep dry foods with paper to make collecting of food residues and crumbs easier

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Keep the tiled floors spotless by protecting the grout.

Protect the Grout and Stone from Fast Re-soiling

There are a few things that are less time-consuming than scrubbing dirty grout between the tiles. Invest in stone and grout sealant to keep bathrooms and floors look clean longer. The sealing products make porous surfaces like stone and grout resistant to liquids and help prevent mildew and stains. Fewer stains mean easier and faster cleaning of tiles and floors.

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Coating the furniture with stain repellent is a must for pet owners.

Get Stain-Repellent Coating for Carpets and Furniture

Next time you are searching to hire professionals for deep carpet cleaning, ask them if they can apply a protective coating on the furnishings. Better cleaning companies usually offer the service and will ask if you want it in advance. Both carpets and upholsteries can be treated with stain repellent. These products form an invisible coating, which doesn’t let liquids and dust to soak up into the threads, and thus keeps the furnishings clean longer.

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Don’t allow dirt and dust from the streets to get onto your carpets!

Introduce a No-Shoes in the House Rule

Dirt and dust from outside stick on our shoes and inevitably bring it home. However, if everybody takes their shoes in a designated corner of the hallway, you will manage to restrict most of the soil in this area. Don’t forget to place doormats at every entrance door, so people can wipe their feet before going inside. You will see the results immediately  – all carpets and floors will need less frequent cleaning. The “no-shoes inside” policy can also help minimise the overall amount of dust and improve the air quality in your home.

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Try the trick below for fewer water rings and limescale stains in your bathroom!

Maintain the Smooth Surfaces Spotless with Ease

Apply water repellent on all smooth surfaces in your home during this year’s deep cleaning of the house. The spray makes liquids slide off the surface and doesn’t allow them to dry and to leave stains. You can treat glass surfaces like mirrors, shelves, and coffee tables, or use the product in the bathroom on the shower door and wall tiles. This way you will have to clean fewer soap stains, lime scale build-ups and water rings and you won’t have to do it very often.

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Even the youngest members of the family can contribute to maintaining the house clean.

Learn to Delegate Responsibilities

One of the best ways to keep your home clean longer after the deep Spring cleaning is to involve the whole family in housekeeping. When everyone does their fair share of chores, they become more aware that keeping the place clean takes time and efforts. You can include even small children in the chore wheel by making them put away their toys when they are done playing or ask them to put their dishes to the sink after dinner. Even the tiniest tasks matter to maintain the house clean and organised.

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