Our specialists have mastered the art of fast but efficient cleaning. Professionals don’t cut ends and don’t waste their time. The Keen clean specialists just do the job – and they do it great! If you want to deal with the spring cleaning chores the fastest and easiest way, just take advantage of these 10 tips from our team.

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10 Cleaning Shortcuts That Will Save You Money, Time and Energy

Each one of the suggestions below is tried and tested during the extensive hands-on experience of our professional cleaning team. Most of our Spring-cleaning timesavers can be used to ease every heavy-duty cleaning in your home, garden or garage. So, how to make the big annual cleanup fast and easy?

Create a Schedule For Every Cleaning Task

Assign date and hour for every Spring-cleaning chore. Schedule every step of the whole process down to the second. Stick to a strict Spring-cleaning checklist until you get everything done.

Pick Comfortable Clothes and Shoes

The better you feel, the faster you’ll deal with all chores. Take this as an example from the professional cleaners – they always wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Always wear gloves when using toxic chemical cleaners. Wear an apron with big pockets to keep rags, brushes and other cleaning tools handy.

Get High-Quality Multi-Use Tools

Don’t believe the TV commercials – there’s no point getting every little one-use gadget they advertise. Instead, invest in sturdy, high-quality tools – mops, brushes, and washable cleaning rags. This approach will save you money and disappointment. The traditional cleaning equipment plus some elbow grease results in a squeaky-clean home.

Tidy Up Before the Actual Cleaning

Pick up garments, dishes, toys and knick-knacks before you start the big annual cleaning. Even it takes a whole day to put everything away it’s worth it. It is always easier and faster to vacuum, wipe, and dust when there’s nothing in your way and the result will be better.

Keep Your Cleaning Tools at Hand

Have you ever seen a professional home cleaner stop their work every five minutes to go and bring a sponge, a detergent or a brush? Professionals always carry their tools and cleansers with them. Make your own cleaning kit with everything you will need to finish a particular chore without making a stop – and you will see for yourself that the tasks will be done in no time.

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Need a hand for this year’s big Spring Cleaning? Do not hesitate to contact us! Our team of professional home cleaners in London will help you deal with any chore in your home or office. Call now and get a free quote!