Summer is here and most of us are already making vacation plans. This is why the Keen Clean experts’ team decided to put together a short list of pre-vacation cleaning tasks. For some, cleaning right before a holiday sounds like the ultimate oxymoron. However, there is nothing more depressing to come back from a wonderful experience at a messy, dirty house.

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The Essential Pre-vacation To-Do List

Check up this 10 chore-list that will help your return less stressful and will ease the adaptation to your everyday life:

Spotless Kitchen = Stress-Free Comeback

Leaving the kitchen clean before going away on a holiday is essential if you want a carefree comeback, not only for aesthetic reasons. Dirty dishes, left out food, and crumbles on the counter will develop a foul, rotten odour over a course of few days. What’s worse, the food residues attract quite unpleasant cohabitants – the cockroaches. – Empty the fridge, leaving only long-lasting foods like sauces and condiments. Take out the trash and wash the bin to avoid mould growth.

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Turn Your Bathroom into a Shining Oasis

There are a few things in life that can compete with taking a shower in your own bathroom after long travel home from a holiday. Cleaning the bathroom before leaving for a holiday is the best thing you can do for yourself! Pour some detergent into the toilet bowl to prevent unpleasant smell and water rings on the porcelain. Wipe the mirror, the tiles, and the sink. Hang fresh towels – they will be there, waiting to embrace you after the trip back.

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Plan for Sweet Dreams

Imagine coming back late at night – the only thing you will want is to fall into your bed! Change your bed linens in to prepare your bedroom for a relaxing night! Even if your linens are not particularly dirty, they will develop a stale smell with closed windows and doors. Some people place air fresheners in their bedroom, but we don’t recommend it – when your home doesn’t aerate properly, the freshener will only mix with the odours from used linens and the result just won’t be peachy.

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Small Steps for Big Energy Saving

If you plan on going away for more than just a few days, it will be wise to think of the energy consumption in your home. There are so many appliances that continue consuming energy even when you are away. The biggest spenders are inarguably the boiler and the fridge, so it will be wise to turn them off, or at least set them to an energy-saving setting. You can also turn off all appliances that you don’t use – appliances like the TV, or chargers continue to consume electricity when they are plugged in, even if the device is turned off.

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Open the Closet’s Door

If you don’t want to be welcomed by a stale smell in your home when you return, changing the bed linens and emptying the trashcan isn’t always enough. Take your fight with foul odours one step further and leave the closet doors open. This way you will prevent mould odour into your wardrobe if you live in a humid area. It is also wise to apply a few drops of lavender oil to prevent the appearance of moths and other unpleasant roommates.

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Follow our blog for the second part of the article with 5 more tips, which will make your home more welcoming after a long fun vacation! If you can’t spare time for dealing with these chores – don’t worry! You can always rely on Keen Clean. Book us for one-off cleaning in London and we will help you tackle with the chores and prepare your home before the vacation.