Summer is here and we all are making our vacation plans. Who doesn’t want to have the perfect holiday? However, in order to enjoy your vacation up until your last day off, it will be smart to prepare in advance. Cleaning and preparing your place before your holiday is probably one of the most important preparations you can do and it definitely pays off. Because there is nothing more depressing than coming to a messy, dirty home after a beautiful vacation.

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The Essential Pre-vacation Cleaning List

In our previous post, we have shared with you 5 things you can do, before turning the key on your front door. Now it is time to continue with the pre-vacation cleaning to-dos in order to help you plan a wonderful holiday experience.

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Take Care of Your Laundry

When returning from vacation, there always are at least 1-2 loads of dirty clothes and towels, and even more, if you were travelling with your children. This is why it is smart to do all the laundry of the house before you leave. Otherwise, your last day off and the first week after the holiday would have to be dedicated to washing endless piles of garments, towels, and linens, instead of watching photos and reviving the memories of the vacation. What would you prefer?

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Prepare Some Food for Your Return

No one wants to come home from a holiday and start cooking right away. Especially, if it is late and after a long flight. This is why it is smart to stack the kitchen cabinets with some easy to prepare food. You can buy some snacks and juices. Another great option is to get pasta, ready to use sauces and dry herbs. This way you can prepare an effortless Italian dinner – the perfect quick meal for tired travellers.

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Tighten the Water Taps

Inspect the house for leaking water taps. Leaving dripping taps over a course of a few weeks is not only wasteful but can also add unnecessary pounds to your water bills. Not to mention that loose taps can lead to a flood. If you are planning to be absent for more than two weeks the smartest thing to do is to stop the water in the whole house. This way you will save money and have a piece of mind that your home hasn’t turned into a swimming pool.

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Include Your Plants in the Plan

If you love your plants, then you probably won’t’ be happy to come back from your holiday and find them dead. If you go away on a short trip, then there’s nothing to worry about – most houseplants can be left up to 7 days without water. But if you are planning a long summer vacation, it is important to find someone to take care of them, while you are away. Give a spare key to a friend, a relative, or to a close neighbour to make sure you will find your plants in a good condition when you return from your holiday.

Floors & Carpets

At last, but not least, you can clean the floors and carpets before you leave. Run a vacuum and mop, before leaving your home. This step is not mandatory, however, you will be able to enjoy your home more when you return. Walking on dust, hairs and crumbs can’t be compared with walking on pure white sand, right?

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If you are worried that you won’t have the time to prepare the vacation and clean your home, don’t hesitate to book our domestic cleaners in London. We will clean your place and leave it in an impeccable condition, while you plan and prepare for the perfect holiday!