We all have been in that situation – friends call unexpectedly and say they are coming in 1 hour. Your parents telling you they are on their way to your home. Or you just need to clean up a little for your own comfort but you cannot spend the day deep cleaning the place. No matter what the reason, all you want is your living room cleaned – as fast as possible! Check our step-by-step guide to learn how to deal with the mess in 1 hour – or even less!

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5 Steps for Clean and Tidy Living Room

Before you start prepare your cleaning kit. You will need a big laundry basket, a vacuum cleaner, 2 clean microfibre cloths, all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner and a lint roller. In case you have a hard floor you will also need a mop, a bucket of water and some floor cleaner. Preparing your cleaning supplies in advance is great time saving trick that allows you to clean fast and efficient.

Tidy Up

Grab the laundry basket and put inside everything that does not belong in your living room – your bathrobe, left on the sofa, the coffee mug, left from your morning coffee, your purse. If you are in a real hurry the time will not be be enough to put all these things on their places. Put the laundry basket away – in your bedroom, or in the closet or some other place you know your guests will not see them. It may sound odd, but later it will be easier to take the basket and go from room to room and leave all the things where they actually belong.

Wipe off the Dust

The room always seems dirtier if there are surfaces covered with dust. The golden formula for dusting effectively is to start from top to bottom. Take your all-purpose cleaner and a clean microfibre cloth and wipe quickly your TV, rooter and other appliances –these are the spots where the dirt is most apparent. Wipe the bookshelves and coffee table.

Clean the glass surfaces and computer screens. Photo: Flickr

Clean the Glass Surfaces

This step takes less than 10 minutes, but has a great impact on the overall look of the room. Fingerprints and stains on glass surfaces can make even a clean room look dirty and unwelcoming. Use the second clean microfibre cloth, and glass cleaning product and wipe windows (at east at eye level!), mirrors, framed art or pictures.

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Run the Vacuum and Mop the Floor

After you are done with cleaning the dust and glass surfaces it is time for a quick vacuum. If your living room is big you will probably not have the time to clean thoroughly. So just go over the high traffic areas and the most visible areas – around the furniture and the coffee table. If you have upholstery attachment now is the time to vacuum your sofa and armchairs. If you have a hardwood floor mop around and the room will immediately appear cleaner.

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Take Care of the Upholstered Items

This last step is very important if you have pets. But even if you do not have a pet at home there are often hair, threads and lint left on the upholstery. Take the lint roller and wipe all pieces of upholstered furniture. If you don’t have a lint roller at hand you can always use slightly damp sponge or cloth.

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Open the windows to let the fresh air flow in. In the end of the cleanup collect all cleaning supplies from the living room and put them away. Light a scented candle and voila! Your living room is tidy, clean and fresh smelling!

Bonus tip: If you often lack of time of can consider hiring a cleaning company. Nowadays there are many different options you can choose from – from one-off cleaning to regular domestic cleaning – you can pick the service that best suits your needs and budget Don’t hesitate to check our offers, as well as our list of home cleaning prices.