Autumn is the best season for certain chores if you want to enjoy warmth and comfort in your home during the winter. Last time we have shared with you the first part of our essential fall cleaning list, paying more attention to indoor areas. Today we are focusing on storage spaces, walls, roof and insulation.

6 Windows & Doors

Good insulation is crucial if you want to keep the warmth and winter and lower the humidity at home warm during the winter. This is why it is important to include checking the conditions of the frames of doors and windows in your autumn cleaning to-do list. Change the sealing where it’s necessary and grease squeaking hinges and handles. You can also take advantage of the last warm days and clean your windows because the next good time to do it will be in a few months.

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7 Garage and Basement

You should definitely include the basement and the garage in your winter preparations of the house. Take some time to organise and clean these areas. This way it will be much easier to store garden furniture, bikes and other sports equipment or clothes you will not use during the cold months. The best way to keep your garage, basement or storage room is to install shelves and put smaller items in plastic sealed containers. This will prevent dust from getting into the boxes and avoid deterioration due to humidity. But even if you just place everything on the shelves it will be a lot easier to find what you are looking for when you need it.

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8 Insulation and Vents Check

We have already mentioned the importance of good insulation of doors and windows. However, if you want to be sure you won’t have any problems with the temperature and humidity levels in your home, it would be wise to include a general check-up of the insulation of walls as well. Seal all crevices in the outside walls and check wooden floors for squeaking boards. Otherwise, these spots can easily turn into entering points for various insects. Autumn is the right time for prophylactics of your ventilation system as well.

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9 Outdoor Furniture and Equipment

Wash down the plastic furnishings before storing them. Wooden garden chairs and tables should also be wiped from the dirt and dust before you put them away. Applying a new coat of wood polish before storing wooden items will keep humidity and insects away from the furnishings. You can leave some of the garden equipment outside as well. In this case, it will be better if you wrap them in plastic covers to keep them from harsh weather.

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10 Roof and Rain Gutters

Checking the condition of the roof and the gutters is an essential autumn task. See if there are loose or broken tiles and change them. You can also inspect the roof for dirt, plants, and feather buildups, especially in the areas near air vents and chimneys. If they are not removed on time, they rot and can deteriorate the roof. You should also remove moss, lichen and other fungi if you notice them, as they can become a big problem in future and break down the tiles. Remove the dead leaves from the gutters to ensure the good drainage of rainwater.

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