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It is crucial to prepare your home in advance for a stress-free winter. It doesn’t matter if you live in a city or in the countryside, whether you are in an apartment or in a house – humidity, low temperatures and lack of sunlight are putting your place’s comfort at stake. And although most people leave heavy-duty house chores for Spring many experts recommend Autumn as a better time to tackle some of the deep cleaning tasks in your home.

This is why we have asked the Keen Clean professionals what are the essential tasks you must include in your Fall cleaning list. Here is what they’ve shared:

1 – Carpets, Soft Furniture, and Mattresses

Carpets and soft furnishings are amongst the biggest dust magnets in your home trapping soil and small particles. These furnishings have to be deep cleaned at least twice a year in order to extract the dirt settled in the fibres and prevent deterioration of the textile. Autumn is the best time to clean carpets, soft furniture, and mattresses if you want to improve the indoor air quality at your home during the winter. Moreover, now you can still leave these big items to dry naturally and prevent their fabric from shrinking.

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2 – Curtains and Bed Covers

All fabric items in the house collect dust, and your curtains are not an exclusion. Actually, if you live in a bigger town, your drapes literally acting as a filter and trap dirt and particles coming from outside. Generally, curtains have to be part of your monthly to-do list, but if you are too busy to deal with this task every month, don’t skip it during the Fall cleaning. Although most drapes can be machine washed, don’t get tempted to use the dryer after the laundering, because the high temperature can damage the fabric. Take advantage of the last warm days of the year and hang the curtains to dry naturally. You will not regret if you also wash thick blankets and bed covers, which take a lot of time to dry up.

3 – Seasonal Clothing and Shoes

We are sure that you don’t need a reminder to put away your summer wear once the temperatures start dropping. However, our experts advise putting some extra effort when organising your wardrobe. Invest in a set of vacuum bags to store your garments – this way they will take less space and are protected from dust and moths. Clean and aerate all shoes before storing them to keep bacteria away, and always polish the leather sandals and accessories to maintain their texture and shape.

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4 – Kitchen Cupboards Clean-Up

Do yourself a favour and take care of the clutter in your kitchen, starting from the cupboards. Take out all their content and clean the inside from dust and dirt. Check the expiry dates of all packed food – rice, flour, biscuits and cans. Throw away the expired food and put aside the things that are about to expire soon so you won’t forget them and use them before they go bad. This is the best way to sort and clear the cabinets and see what you have.

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5 Fridge, Washing Machine, and Dishwasher

Cleaning and prophylactic of appliances like fridge, washing machine, and dishwasher will not only make them look spotless, but also can save you a lot of nerves. Annual prophylactic of the washing machine and the dishwasher is a must. And it is smart to include it in your autumn cleaning checklist to avoid problems and messy repairs during winter. Change the old hoses if they have lost their flexibility to avoid floods, and run the dishwasher and the washing machine on empty cycle, with just white vinegar to chase away the mouldy smell.

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If you are searching for reliable domestic cleaners in your area, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experienced professionals will give you a hand with this Autumn cleaning, dealing with the most exhausting and time-consuming tasks for you.