Just a few years ago most homeowners relied on yellow pages, local newspapers and personal recommendations when they needed to find home cleaning service. Now if you want to find ANY service you just go and Google it. But the most important questions is how to understand which is the most quality and reliable service among the hundreds companies you’ll find online?

The answer is – you have to do a research, and you have to do it right. Here are a few suggestions to help you conduct your research and get the best results – the right cleaning company for your needs.

Offline Check – Call and Ask the Right Questions

After you’ve find a few home cleaning websites that look adequate it is time to get in touch with them and ask them the following key questions. All of them are universal and have to apply to every inquiry. The company’s representatives should be prepared to answer all kinds of domestic cleaning questions. Their preparedness is a clear sign for professionalism and competence. If they delay or are reluctant to answer better call the next ones on your list.

Can you give me more details on the service?

Every professional should be prepared to answer right away and in detail to all questions related to his work. Most of the times the information about company’s services given on their website is general. All companies clean floors, kitchens and windows. But if you have a specific issue – like unusual stain on your luxury carpet, or black mould behind your bathroom sink, the cleaners have to be able to describe how they proceed with such task. If you are looking for a company that provides end of tenancy cleaning then check their EOT checklist and see what tasks are included in it,

Do you offer your clients insurance and money guarantee?

One of the biggest advantages of hiring professional cleaners is that they have the expertise and experience and wont damage your property. This is why most experts are not afraid to offer insurance and money-back guarantee for their services. They rely on their experience, skills and equipment to deal with almost any home cleaning job.

What kind of cleaning solutions do you use?

If you want to keep your home not only clean but safe you should ask what cleaners and solutions the company utilizes. Reliable domestic cleaning services understand that using toxic chemicals can be health threatening and protect their clients by carefully choosing cleaning agents and supplies. This is why better companies nowadays even opt for the safest option – certified and approved eco-friendly cleaning products.

Online Check – Company Reputation

Speaking with company’s representatives on the phone will provide you with good information, but you need to dig a little bit more to be sure you’re hiring the right business. Unfortunately some companies have learned their lesson – giving the right answer on the phone, without actually providing the best services. In order to avoid being deceived by some eloquent stranger on the phone you better check properly company reputation online.

Read Customer Review Websites

People share both positive and negative experience online. Companies may try to manage their reputation online, but they cannot put hand on public reviews websites. High quality service always brings new and regular customers and positive reviews. Reliable home cleaners would have positive reviews not only on their website. Trustworthy companies will be well rated on websites like Yelp!, or Google+ Local Pages or even – local forums.

Next time you need to find domestic cleaning company apply the suggestions – following these tips will minimize the chance to hire incompetent cleaners.