In our work, we often see worn out furniture, deteriorated mattresses, and permanent stains disfiguring even high-quality carpets and rugs. All of these are often result of inappropriate treatment. Check which are the most common cleaning mistakes and how to avoid making them in order to keep the house clean and prolong the life of your furnishings.

Treating Carpet Stains with Spot Removal for Clothes

People often try removing stains from furniture and carpets with spot cleaners designed for linens and clothes and this is a huge mistake. When we tell this to our clients, they always ask – “What is the difference as both products are for stain removal?” Well, it is very simple – stain cleaners for clothes are designed to act fast and then – to be rinsed out. When cleaning a carpet stain yourself there is a big chance to leave residue from the product. This way it stays there at least until the next general cleaning. The strong active ingredients of the stain removal deteriorate the fibres of carpets and upholstery and lead to shortening their life.

Scrubbing When Cleaning Stains from Upholstery and Carpets

We always write this in our posts for upholstery and carpet cleaning – never scrub stains and spills when dealing with rugs or furnishings! This just forces the dirt deeper, under the surface reaching the fibres. At this point removing the stain becomes more difficult and sometimes impossible, resulting in a permanent stain! When you have to clean a spill always blot gently. Squeeze the cloth you are using and rinse it to prevent the dirt going back onto the carpet or the upholstery fabric.

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Neglecting Cleaning of Bed’s Mattresses

Most people limit their weekly routine to cleaning carpets, floors, bathroom and. However, mattresses collect dirt and dust as much as your rug. Not to mention, that dead skin cells get onto the mattress every day. This is why you need to clean the mattresses more often, not leave the task only for the Spring cleaning. Once a month, vacuum the mattress thoroughly and deep clean it once every few months and change the sheets every week.

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Wiping the Dust from Wooden Furniture with a Dry Cloth

Many people use a dry cloth when dusting off the wooden furnishings because they don’t want to leave residues from the cleaning product on their furniture. However, this all you do is to push the dust around. You can use a dry micro fibre cloth but only for slightly dusty surfaces.The best way to wipe dust is to use a wood polisher and a slightly damp cloth. These products are designed especially for wood and wouldn’t ruin the surface.

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Cleaning Windows with Circular Motions

Window cleaning can be tricky – if you don’t do the task right, the glass still looks dirty. Moving your hand in circles when washing your windows results in traces and soap residues left on the surface. Instead of wiping in a circular motion, do straight strokes from the top of the window to the bottom and use a squeegee to in the end for a nice finish. Another mistake that makes window cleaning inefficient is doing this chore on a hot, sunny day. The residues from the detergent dry up faster leading to streaks on the glass.

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