Sooner or later there comes a point in life where we have to move from one rental to another. We all know it’s usually more convenient to hire professionals for the job. If you are wondering what you need to do to prep your rental before the cleaners arrive, you’ve come to the right place!


It’s important to discuss things with the cleaners beforehand. Most cleaning services are friendly and happy to answer any inquiries you may have.
Here is a shortlist of questions to ask and things you can do to guarantee no mistakes:

  • If you have any questions about specific cleaning requests you should contact the end of lease cleaners.
  • Contact the cleaners and inquire about any special requirements about the condition of your rental prior to their arrival.
  • Call beforehand to inform them of any instructions regarding pets, locks, alarms, etc.
  • If you are worried about delicate furniture getting damaged contact your end of tenancy cleaners to consult them on the matter.
  • Leave a shortlist including the special instructions mentioned above to guarantee no errors.
  • By conversing with the cleaning team prior to the actual check-out clean, you will guarantee yourself the best service possible. Don’t ever hesitate to contact your cleaning service team with any questions you have.


The cleaners are there to clean, not to organize. Therefore you need to do a quick tidy up before the end of tenancy cleaners arrive.
Check out this shortlist of pre-cleaners chores you should follow:

  • Wash up and put away any dirty dishes lying around.
  • Fold and put away any clothes that you haven’t managed to get to yet.
  • Make sure there are no children’s/pets toys for the end of lease cleaners to trip over. They may hurt themselves!
  • Organize any documents/papers around the property.
  • Throw out all the rubbish and food waste in the house.
  • Check that none of your kitchen appliances are strewn about the kitchen counters.
  • Put away all your toiletries nicely (it’s hard to clean a bathroom when you have to move things around all the time!)
  • If you have any fragile ornaments or objects you don’t want to be broken, package them up in bubble wrap and put them in a cupboard.
  • Basically, make sure all your bits and bobs are put away nicely!

If you are looking for the best results from your check-out cleaners, you need to provide them with the right environment to do so. Cleaners aren’t going to be able to do a good job if they have to dance around your delicate objects. Not to mention having to move them around to provide you with the results you want!


In order to ensure you, and others after you, always get the best cleaning service, you should provide feedback early on. Even if that feedback is negative, you should always contact the cleaning service company immediately to nip the problem in the bud upfront.

Feedback is very important for company standards.

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