Looking through streaky windows can be depressing. No matter the techniques and glass cleaning products, there always seem to be small smudges and lines down your windows? Well, worry no more! With this fool-proof technique, you will always have a perfect view!


What Cleaning Products Should I Use?

You don’t! We recommend using old (or new) black tea teabags!

  1. Separate your old teabags from your usual kitchen waste (take them out before adding milk);
  2. When you have about 10-15, leave them to soak in hot water (as much as you need. The mixture needs to be a dark brown);
  3. Now you have the perfect solution for streaky windows. It’s the only thing that will leave your windows sparkling as if a professional had done the cleaning!

How do I Use the Tea Solution?

You will need:

  1. A spray bottle;
  2. A few pages from an old newspaper;
  3. Squeegee (optional).
  4. Your black tea mixture.
    That’s it!


  1. Spray liberally all over windows;
  2. Use the squeegee to wipe away excess tea (optional);
  3. Use a few sheets from an old newspaper (as much as you need). Don’t scrunch them up, they need to be flat.
  4. Wipe downwards, or across (never both, one or the other) and apply pressure.
  5. Repeat until all dirt is lifted and you are left with perfectly streakless windows.

The Science Behind the Method:

  • Black tea is slightly acidic, more oxidized than other varieties of tea and much stronger;
  • Other than being the strongest variety of tea, it makes the best glass cleaning solution there is around;
  • Now, we don’t actually know what it is about black tea that makes it so good for cleaning glass and windows. However, it has been tried and proven, and we guarantee it’s effectiveness;
  • Newspaper is a much better option than using fiber cloths;
  • Other than leaving fewer streaks than a fiber cloth. The paper and ink work as a light abrasive, leaving your windows and other glass surfaces clean;
  • Applying pressure on the windows while wiping them with newspaper assures that no moisture is left on the windows, reducing streak-likeliness greatly;
  • Using a squeegee also minimizes the excess liquid, leaving window streaks considerably less likely to appear on your glass surfaces.

Tips for best results:

  • Add a small amount of glass cleaner, in some cases, it seems to help.
  • Use fresh teabags. Fresh tea seems to do the job better. When using old teabags, use more than you would fresh.
  • Repeat the process about 2 times for the best results.

Of course, not everyone has the time and patience to go through the entire window or glass cleaning process. That’s why our professional window cleaners are on standby to make sure you have the cleanest, most clear windows in the neighborhood! Don’t hesitate to contact us with any inquiries.

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