Christmas is the time of the year to be together with your loved ones. Many relatives and friends are flying back from all over the world to join us for a nice Christmas dinner. However, if you are a host, not a guest, this holiday can be quite stressful and exhausting with all the organising, cooking, cleaning and other preparations. Check how to throw a great Christmas party at home, with minimum efforts and minimise the need of cleaning after it.

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Stick to Tried-and-Tested Recipes

With the burst out of cooking blogs and shows on the Internet, we all are tempted to try new exotic recipes, especially when inviting people over. But this can be a huge mistake – when you don’t know your recipe and you are cooking for a large group of people, many things can go wrong. From miscalculating the preparation and cooking time to ending up with disastrously dirty kitchen – chunks and splashes of food covering every inch of the countertops, and many greasy bowls, pots, and cooking tools. Stick to tried-and-tested recipes for stress-free Christmas preparations, delicious results and to keep the dirt from cooking at minimum levels.

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Cover the Soft Furnishings

If you don’t want to spending the days after Christmas removing spots and cleaning the sofa, cover all upholstered furniture. You can put blankets and throw pillows with thematic Christmas patterns and ornaments. This way you will both decorate your home and avoid food and beverage spills on the upholstery!

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Avoid Dirt and Spills on Carpets and Area Rugs

Holiday dinners and parties mean increased foot traffic in your home. If you have a wood floor and area rugs in your living room, you can prevent spots, spills, and soil on your rugs by simply putting away all area rugs during the celebration. On the other hand, if the room is finished with wall-to-wall carpet, it is a good idea to place a few inexpensive synthetic area rugs under the coffee table and around sofas and armchairs. It will be much easier to remove spots and stains from the synthetic area rug than to clean the whole carpet. This way you won’t need to stress and run for the spot cleaner if someone spills their drink or drops cocktail bites on the floor.

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Prevent Candle Wax Spills

Christmas without candles is like summer without the sun – disappointing and dull. We all like to decorate our home with the soft light of a real flame because this brings comfort and warmth and adds true holiday spirit to our celebrations. But if you are not careful, you will have to deal candle wax spills on floor and furnishings, not to mention that candles, as beautiful as they pose a fire hazard, especially if they are placed in inappropriate spots. To prevent wax spills and accidents, place trays and plates under your candles and never leave them in the way of drafts.

Put Away All Breakable Items

When it comes to breakable items, stick to the policy “Better safe than sorry”. Take all breakable and valuable items like vases, potted plants, crystal and porcelain bowls and store them somewhere safe – like in the closet, or in your bedroom. This way you can calmly enjoy your punch even if your children and nephews run freely around the house.

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