With Holiday season approaching many of us are expecting relatives and friends to visit. It’s always a hassle to do last minute cleaning when preparing for party or family gathering at home. It is nice to organise and clean your home in advance. This way you will have the time to do the other, more fun Holiday activities – like decorating the house for Christmas.

Holidays Cleaning To-Do List

Here are the things you don’t want to miss, when cleaning and preparing your home for the Holiday season. You can check also how to ease your everyday home cleaning routine with these easy 30 minute cleanups.


If you are planning dinner parties or family gatherings during the holidays your kitchen will have to be clean and ready for action. Organise and de-clutter the cupboards, clean the oven, the fridge and the sink. This way you will have a nice clean surfaces and appliances when you start the great holiday cooking.

Bathroom and Toilet

Give the bathroom and the toilet a good thorough cleaning, so when your house is full of guests they are tidy and ready to use. It is a good idea to prepare extra towels, soap bar and toilet paper roll the night before your guests come.


Dust around the house and don’t forget to clean the ceilings, before you vacuum the house for the last time before the holiday. Check for spider webs and dust bunnies in the corners. You won’t have the time nor you will be in the mood for these chores when your home is full of people.

Floors and Carpets

If you haven’t included deep carpet cleaning in your autumn cleaning now is the best time to do it. We spend a lot of time indoors during the cold season and Clean your carpets if you 1-2 weeks before the Holidays. You can check our tips on carpet cleaning and maintenance. Remember to run the vacuum and mop the floors right before putting holiday decoration – this way you will be sure there are no dust bunnies left behind your Christmas tree.


The days in autumn and winter are shorter and we don’t get much sun. This is why it is a good time to clean your windows one more time before the holidays start. With clean windows you will let as much daylight as possible during this time of the year. If window cleaning isn’t your thing you can always hire professional cleaners to help you deal with this task.


Clean and organise closets. Make room for more coats and bags. Your home won’t be a covered with people’s clothes and luggage, which is inconvenient for both you and your guests.

Guest Bedrooms

If you have a designated guest bedroom, check it before Holiday season starts. If you don’t use this room very often you might have to dust and vacuum before your houseguests arrive. Put clean sheets and leave extra blankets.

If you follow the tips above you will have happy, hassle-free holidays. There’s no need to do everything in just one day – you can distribute these chores between the weeks before the Holidays. Of course, if you don’t have the time to deal with holiday preparations you can always turn to professionals. You don’t need to arrange regular visits – some cleaning companies offer one-off cleaning service – ideal if you need last-minute help.