You don’t have to follow all of our tips, but it will help you to prepare your own cleaning list for the fall.

We have already posted the 10 most important tasks you should tackle during your autumn cleaning routine. From cleaning the carpets to washing your garden furniture, all of the chores are a must-do to enjoy the winter in a cosy and sanitised environment. However, our Keen Clean experts advise you to add a few more tasks to your fall to-do list that will make your life easier in the cold months to come.

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It’s time to make some space for your winter clothes and shoes.

Tidy Up the Hallway

Your hallway is one of the hardest to maintain areas in your place in the autumn and winter months. Its condition is crucial for the cleanliness and tidiness of your whole home during the cold months. This is why it is a good idea to spare some time and organise the space, so it fits your needs for the upcoming months. Put away all summer clothing and shoes. You won’t be needing them, anyway, and these items would only clutter the space. Another thing you can do to prepare for the cold and humid weather is to place extra mats in your entryway. Doormats will trap the dirt and dust, making your home cleaning routine a bit easier.

Start the winter months on a clean slate by organising your workplace at home.

De-clutter Your Home Office Space

This is a must-do for all of those who work from home. We know that working from home is quite a challenge. To be a successful freelancer you need to be organised in every aspect in your life – managing your process, communication with clients, planning your time carefully and often, sharing your workspace with your family or roommates. That is why it is particularly important to take some time and organise your home office during the spring and autumn cleaning routine. De-clutter your desk and storage space from out-dated documents; put away the work files and materials for all the project you have finished. This way, you will start the next season on a clean slate – literally and figuratively speaking.

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Remove the dust and you will have more energy-efficient lighting.

Dust the Ceiling Fans and Chandeliers

These light fixtures are situated high above our heads, and we often forget them when cleaning the house. However, they are among the biggest dust magnets in our homes. Giving these lights fixtures a thorough cleaning before the winter arrives is crucial for improving the indoor air quality. Actually, if you want to make the best of your autumn cleanup routine, you should start with the chandeliers and ceiling fans. Follow the old-but-gold rule of cleaning – start from the top, making your way down to the bottom of every room.

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Defrosting and cleaning your fridge and freezer will help them work better in winter.

Give Your Fridge a Good Clean Up

Deep cleaning and defrosting your refrigerator an freezer before winter is essential and not only because it eliminates the bacteria left from food. The cleanup of these appliances is crucial for their maintenance, ensures their proper work and prolongs their lifespan. When cleaning the fridge, don’t focus only on the shelves and door. Pay special attention to the appliance’s door gasket and scrub it thoroughly to remove any crumbs and liquid residues. This way, the door will close more firmly, and the energy efficiency of the fridge and freezer will improve significantly.

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You can make your bedroom healthier and cosier in just a few hours.

Take Care of Your Bedding

We have already written about the importance of deep-cleaning your mattress regularly since the condition of your bedding ensures your good night sleep. You can do it by yourself or hire experienced upholstery cleaners in your area. However, you can take this chore one step further by laundering your thick blankets before the cold months. If you have washed your winter bed linens before storing them in spring, you can still aerate them. The fresh air will eliminate the stale odour they usually get when staying stored for a long time. Another thing you can do to make sure your winter sleep will be sound is to wash your pillows and bed cover. Blankets, pillows, and other bed linens accumulate dust over time and cleaning them in autumn will ensure better air quality of your home during winter months.

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