The appearance of the office is vital if you want to run a successful business. A clean, organised working space boosts the productivity of your employees and it is crucial for the health of the team. Also, a tidy, welcoming office is essential for the good reputation of the company. When your office is visited by potential new clients, or by skilled professional coming for an interview they can see that your company is efficient, organised and takes care for the workers and their environment.

Hiring Office Cleaning Company

Finding reliable office cleaning company is undoubtedly the first step every wise manager should do to keep their work environment clean. But it is also true that you and your colleagues should also out some efforts to keep the place organised and welcoming. This applies particularly for small companies, which cannot afford daily cleaning services. However, don’t forget there are certain benefits of hiring professional cleaners that shouldn’t be underestimated

Prepare Basic Cleaning Supplies

Buy cleaning tools and supplies in advance and always keep them at hand. There are some essential products like glass and all-purpose cleaner, paper towels, microfibre cloths and wet wipes for monitors and keyboards. Let your employees know where are these supplies so they can use them to tackle with cleaning tasks such as cleaning spilled coffee of wiping dusty desk.

Take care of the Garbage

Throw out the garbage regularly and change the garbage bag. This way you will keep away cockroaches, ants and other insects away. Another way to prevent bug infestation is to avoid leaving unfinished food and empty packages in your break room. Clean all food residues and throw them away in the end of the workday. Once a week you and your colleagues should clean out the fridge from everything that hasn’t been eaten. This will prevent mould appearance.

Clean Keyboards and Phones

A few years ago a research revealing that the keyboard is among the dirtiest items in the office was published in all major websites. Unsurprisingly the office phone was also included in the list of dirtiest office items. To disinfect the headset of the phone, just wipe it 1-2 times a week with cloth, soaked in rubbing alcohol. To clean the keyboard, turn it upside down and shake it so all the small pieces of dirt and dust can fall down. If you have a portable vacuum – vacuum the keyboard and clean it with keyboard wipes.

Create a Cleaning List for Your Colleagues and Employees

Even when you hire cleaning company there are some tasks every office worker should do in order to keep the office nice and tidy. Coffee spills, dusty desks, empty packages and dirty glasses cannot stay for days waiting for the cleaning team to arrive. Create a schedule for certain chores – like running the dishwasher, or watering the office plants.

If you follow our office cleaning tips your workplace will always look well maintained, even if it’s not impeccably cleaned. When everybody makes a small effort the office will always look nice and welcoming.