There aren’t many people in this word who love to clean – actually most people just hate it and postpone it as much as possible.A study published in April 2011 in the Journal of Family Psychology even suggests that cleaning after work prevents your body from reducing the levels of stress hormone cortisol. So there’s no need to be perfectionist when cleaning – a little bit of mess means only that the house is not just a picture from interior-design magazine, but there are actual people living in the place – with their real interests and hobbies.

But there is a certain amount of maintenance that must be done if we want to feel good in our homes.This is why we decided to write down these easy and quick routines that take only 30 minutes a day, but can really ease the housekeeping.

Bedroom Cleanup

Instead of jumping out of bed and going directly to your bathroom, spare 2 minutes and make the bed – this alone can make the room look significantly better. After you’re done with the bed, pick up any clothes or shoes and put them away. The same applies for jewelry, books, glasses of water and mobile devices – pretty much everything that tends to pile up on your nightstand. If you tidy up the sleeping area on daily basis, soon this will become a habit, instead of a tedious chore.

Clean the Bathroom

Cleaning a dirty bathroom is far from pleasant task. Save yourself hours of elbow grease by dividing work into small tasks and doing them regularly. Wipe the bench and rinse the sink after you finish brushing your teeth in the morning. Wipe the floor every time after taking a shower. It’s not a bad idea to clean the toilet bowl and wipe the mirror every few days. Use all-purpose cleaning wipes and get a strong toilet-cleaning tablet.

Quick Kitchen Cleaning

I cannot recall a “better” start of the day than drinking my coffee next to a pile of dishes, left from yesterday’s dinner. If this isn’t your idea of nice morning neither, make the habit of stacking the dirty glasses, dishes and cutlery in the dishwasher right after you use them. The same applies for table, kitchen countertops and stove – wipe any food spills and grease stains when you finish cooking and eating. Before food stains dry they are much more easy to clean.

Living Room Cleanup

We spend a lot of time in this area, so it tends to get messier than the rest of the house. Spare 5 minutes every day to tidy up and put away everything that doesn’t belong in your living room – this will save you from  at least 1 hour of tedious work during the weekend. Every few days give a quick wipe to bookshelves and coffee table. Appliances – like TV, sound system, Wi Fi router etc. collect a lot of dust so don’t miss them too and the room will immediately look cleaner.

Do the Bigger Chores Weekly or Fortnightly

If you followed the tips given above, your home should be clean and tidy when it comes the time for your days off. Spare some time for the bigger chores like thorough vacuuming the whole place, mopping the floors, and doing the laundry. Every two weeks spend 1 hour to clean the windows, dust more thoroughly, or disinfect surfaces with stronger products.

Of course, if you really hate spending your time off cleaning the house you can always hire professional cleaners. Most companies arrange weekly or fortnightly visits. Domestic cleaning can include everything from vacuuming and deep kitchen and bathroom cleaning to changing bed linens and laundry.