Be it vintage or brand new, the velvet sofa is the kind of living room furniture that simultaneously makes us feel cozy and prestigious. Over the years, it’s been an inseparable part of castles and is often used in kings’ and queens’ chambers.

As it’s a part of our modern home interior right now, cleaning a velvet sofa like a pro is a problem that bothers us and spoils our time together. But should pets, kids, and peanut butter sandwiches be kept away from this valuable piece of art, situated right in the heart of our property?

1. Velvet – things you need to know.

First of all, when we choose upholstery velvet furniture, we choose between 2 kinds – synthetic and cotton. If we’re in the mess cases on a daily basis, then we’d rather buy a synthetic one. It’s easier to remove stains from it, plus the color is more sun-resistant.

Historically, a velvet sofa was meant to be made out of silk, but most fabrics marketed like this contain both silk and rayon. Unlike the silk one, the synthetic cousin contains either rayon, polyester, nylon, or viscose.

  • Weekly vacuuming

When having a velvet sofa, rubbing is not an option and stains should be vacuumed with the soft brush attachment of your regular vacuum cleaner.

But what if the stains are more solid? Then all you need is a dull knife to carefully remove them. Dust is another thing you can manage with simple vacuuming because otherwise it can spoil the fibers and leave an unpleasant smell on your favorite velvet sofa.

  • Steaming

Like you wake up with crease marks on your face after 8-hours of sleep, so is the velvet. Eventually, since it’s a plush it can compress due to pressure or weight for significantly long periods of time. This is easily fixed by steam cleaning or setting up the iron on steam mode.

After you make sure you’re on the lowest ironing heat setting, you can move from the opposite of the pile and go through the corner across the fabric. Remember not to stay in a spot for not more than a few seconds. The rule here is to keep the iron at least 6 inches away from the surface, or you risk changing crushed velvet with a burnt one.

  • Catching the color tricks

Unfortunately, the only thing you can do to keep the color from fading is to choose a shady spot in the room. Curtains are always a good idea, and putting some blankets on vulnerable areas is also a good strategy. Otherwise, the sunlight has no mercy for velvet.

Removing stains essentials.

The first and major step here is to treat the stains, as they’re still fresh. In this case, the paper towel or another absorbent cloth that’s handy can be of help. Again, the rule for not rubbing is absolutely applicable here. A gentle placement for up to 10 minutes is just about enough to soak up whatever is spilled.

When we’re dealing with tough stains, the towel won’t be enough. If any instructions from the manufacturer don’t say otherwise, the washing liquid is the miracle maker to solve the problem.

  • A few drops of dishwashing liquid should be mixed with a cup of lukewarm water and all you have to do is shake until they form soft bubbles.
  • The next step is to dip the absorbent cloth (preferably white, cotton or microfiber fabric) only into the sud bubble formation.
  • Dip the cloth into the affected area and keep on moving until the stain is all transferred.
  • Let it dry on air or use a hair dryer on the lowest setting.

Always have in mind the old-fashioned tricks your grandma told you, that just might get the job done! For example, try to mix a tablespoon of baking soda and two tablespoons of lemon water in a bowl. Now follow the other steps and watch out for the amazing effect!

Time for a deep clean.

Eventually, it comes time to call up a professional and get help this instant. Of course, you can avoid this from happening again and again, but flexible cleaning companies do all the work and they guarantee high quality and long effectiveness, which not always can be achieved at home.

Apparently, a velvet sofa neither is, neither it will be the same, as it has been in the past.

Apart from this, when we talk about velvet there are some unchangeable rules, concerning this precious furniture fabric. Cleaning a velvet sofa like a pro is now super easy, 100 % achievable, and definitely not mission impossible.

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