A sense of comfort, sophistication, class. In your opinion, which damask do you think these words refer to? For the velvet, of course. Over the years, this fabric has been preserved as an expression of luxury and wealth, not to mention comfort and style. All furniture upholstered with velvet entices us with its softness and leisure.

The velvet sofa brings unsurpassed comfort and nobility to our home. Today, it is no longer a privilege of only the ones dedicated to the interior design of their homes but is also available to anyone who loves a refined interior. And in order to be able to enjoy the magnificent dense and gently soft texture of this type of fabric for as long as possible, we need to know how to care for it properly. Initially, this ancient fabric was produced mainly from silk, and later and up to this day – from wool, linen, polyester, viscose and even cotton.


It is a delicate material and special care is required for our velvet sofa, especially when cleaning the velvet sofa. Instead of wondering if the fabric will lose its properties over time, it is better to learn how to protect it from this and treat it carefully.

Tips for treating and cleaning velvet sofa

First, we want to start with a piece of advice from the very beginning. You should think carefully when choosing a place in the home for your velvet sofa. Place it where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight. Strong sun is not velvet’s friend, unfortunately. Its colour may fade out with time.

Next, you should familiarise yourself with the proper way to clean and generally care for the velvet sofa.

To clean spilt liquids that have not yet dried, a clean dry cloth is used to absorb the liquid. You should repeatedly touch the wet spot with the towel until it dries completely. Avoid rubbing the stain from left to right, as this can cause the liquid to penetrate deeper and create other unwanted problems.

Velvet picks up dust and dirt quickly and these are removed by using a soft brush and frequent vacuuming, but on low suction power! A strong one could damage the surface, and you don’t want that!


All stains require removal as quickly as possible! To do this, the surface is treated using a soft cloth soaked in clean water or a soapy solution – it depends on the stain. For the solution, you should use liquid soap – mix a small amount of it with more water. Wring out the towel well and tap gently with soft strokes from the periphery to the centre. When you use soap, you should first test how resistant the fabric is to its action by treating a small and inconspicuous area first.

After making sure that there is no problem with the structure and colour of the fabric, start with the treatment of the stain itself. Tap the stain several times with a cloth soaked in the soapy solution. Then clean the place with another clean cloth until the soap and moisture are removed. However, if you notice a change in the colour, it’s necessary to contact a professional cleaning company to take care of the velvet sofa right away.

After the procedure, wait for the area to dry well and brush it with a soft brush to restore the surface of the velvet and straighten the adjacent hairs. Don’t forget that the longer the dirt stays on your velvet sofa, the more likely it is to stain or damage the fabric or the more difficult it is to remove the stain afterwards.

Constantly keep it clean

For the good look of your velvet sofa, you have to clean it all over often and regularly. Use some kind of brush with soft hair /maybe with a brush for clothes/. The brush always moves in the direction of the moss. Then take a clean white cotton cloth, slightly moisten it with clean water and go gently over the entire surface. Never clean the velvet sofa with a lot of water and always act very carefully. You should not be experimenting with this pretentious fabric.


Cleaning it regularly will help the velvet sofa keep its freshness and prolong the life of your favourite furniture.

Other cleaning methods

If you have a steam cleaner, you can use it to disinfect and refresh the velvet. If you decide to work with upholstery cleaning products offered on the market, you must make sure that their instructions explicitly state that they are also suitable for velvet fabrics.

Before using them, you also want to check how resistant the colour and fabric of the sofa are to their action – put some of the detergents on a spot that is hidden to see its reaction. It’s good to keep in mind that it is possible that chemical products leave a kind of “halo” around the stains and change the sofa’s colour. As a result, some areas of the furniture may become more noticeable and stains stand out.

Trust the experts

If you still have any concerns about the home treatment of such a luxury piece of furniture and want to avoid unpleasant consequences, you can always trust professionals in the field. They will use specially developed tools and equipment for the purpose.

Professional cleaning services for velvet sofas will save you trouble and worries and will guarantee the removal of even complex stains while preserving the structure and colour of the velvet upholstery. Professionals use different means, according to the nature of the stains and the material they are cleaning. Everything is fine-tuned.

Cleaning companies use extraction machines, and with their help, the cleaning agents penetrate deep into the material and then come off without a residue. You cannot try this deep cleaning with the means at hand. However, you can always choose to trust the experts with experience in cleaning velvet sofas and enjoy your comfort.

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