You are moving out of your rented property, your luggage is packed and ready to enter the new place. Yet, your tenancy agreement isn’t over, but its’ end is soon to come.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t necessarily mean your work here is done and you have no more obligations to the landlord. The end of tenancy cleaning is an important part of your rental agreement and every violation is not welcomed, plus it can cost you a whole pile of money.

By making an effort to clean, you’re going to get some extra points in good references to your new host, who’ll be glad to have you as a tenant. You’ll also avoid all disputes, which are otherwise inevitable.

Which kind of disputes can you provoke?

  • The level of cleanliness is the main reason behind disputes with landlords, as shown by the Tenancy Dispute Scheme. The number goes up to 52 percent, followed by damage, decoration, gardening, and rental area complaints.

That’s why the end of tenancy cleaning after leaving is so vital. While it is a good idea to take photographs before you move in, it can be quite difficult to tell how clean a room is by looking at them. But checking the before and after is definitely a good start.

  • Provide you make the inventory written descriptions about appliances that are sticky to touch or smell, and are impossible to photograph. Taking notes is the best way to avoid tenancy disputes.

The secret of getting good references

If you’ve bumped into a one-of-a-kind property, you may need references from your landlord to move into this unique home of yours. However, if you left a complete mess on the property, you can be sure you’ll get no reference.

No one is going to recommend you if you don’t meet your contractual obligations under a tenancy agreement, including upkeep of the property, adherence to the terms and conditions, and timely payment of rent. If a tenant fails any tenancy checks, then the landlord has the right to refuse a tenancy.

Anyway, it is illegal to refuse a tenancy based on characteristics such as:

  • Age
  • Marital status
  • Health or disability issue
  • Pregnancy or a tenant with children
  • Gender or sexuality
  • Ethnicity or race

What are the Landlord’s expectations?

Generally, cleanliness is a subjective thing, and you have to pay attention to bring your check-in report with you to see how clean the property was when you moved in. Keep your inventory for each room with you, to focus on the oven or fridge and not on dirt and fingerprints that were already there before your tenancy began.

You may also look at the high-traffic areas, such as rugs, upholstery, and carpets that collect most bacteria, footprints, and dust. You’d better vacuum them before you move out to secure your bond payment. The light fittings and fixtures, as well as any stains from sinks and switchboards, are pretty important.

Kitchen countertops are often neglected, but this is the place where people gather around the stove to cook or wash dirty dishes after. So removing stubborn stains and grease from countertops and kitchen appliances is always smart.

Window and blind cleaning are one of the most overlooked tasks but this is also where tenants can fail in the inspection process. Make sure you clean all blinds and windows, in order, there’s no difference between when you found them and when you moved in.

What about your agreement?

As long as you prove you meet your contractual obligations, you will not expect any deductions. Reading the check-in report lets you find out how clean the landlord requires the property to be, after leaving. If you choose a professional standard, it’s worth considering a commercial cleaning service to satisfy your landlord and your expectations are aligned. This will also help you to stick to the determined schedule you both agreed to follow.

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In the decision of whether to use the deposit to cover minor damages or a professional end of tenancy cleaning, landlords may also consider overall tenant quality and history. Naturally, it’s essential to them if you took good care of the property and if your relationship was based on mutual respect and understanding. It also considers how reliable the tenants were during their stay in the rented property.

Should You Use Professional end of tenancy Cleaning?

If you thrust a professional service end of tenancy cleaning, that allows you to focus on the rest of your end of tenancy checklist. Thus, you make a 0-stress move. Plus it’s a 100% guarantee all surfaces get noticed, and there’s no chance you don’t have enough time to do everything properly. Professional cleaners know the places most people will forget or those, which attract dust and grease like a magnet.

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