Limescale is a nightmare, and unfortunately, it’s also inevitable. Many homeowners in London often face the challenges of removing it from places where hard water runs. That’s not just the toilet, but also the toilet bowl, pipework, kettles, boilers or other surfaces. So, the question appears.

How to remove thick limescale and prevent it from happening again? There are many bleaches and strong products that promise to do the work and remove the limescale from your toilet, but not all of them will really do it successfully. That’s why we’ve prepared some tips from our expert cleaners that will guide you in taking care of your bathroom and help you remove any limescale from your toilet. How? Let’s find out!

Using vinegar to remove limescale

Our expert cleaners have many years of experience, so they strongly confirm that using vinegar is a powerful method to remove any stubborn stains. This happily for you includes stains from limescale. What you’ll need to do is:

  1. Pour vinegar (the amount should be around a litre) into your bowl and make sure it reaches all of the places where thick limescale might be spread.
  2. Leave it for a while. The vinegar will need approximately three hours to do its work. If you think the situation is more serious and the limescale is more than usual, you can also leave the vinegar overnight.
  3. Scrub and clean! Now, you’ll have to do the hard work and scrub all the places where limescale has set. Use a brush to reach all affected areas. Then flush and see the magical result. If the stains are still present, simply repeat the process.

Extra tip: If the limescale has affected your toilet more than usual, you can add baking soda to the vinegar and it will definitely remove anything.

Lemon juice

Another effective way to get rid of limescale from your toilet with what you have at home is by using lemon juice! Yes, the truth is, this is an eco-friendly way to properly remove any limescale, and not to mention – it is cost-effective! As mentioned above, you can use a mix of vinegar and baking soda, and also a combination of vinegar with lemon juice.

The mixture works powerfully and deals with the built-up limescale. The lemon juice needs to be left for an hour or so, as when soaked it helps break down the calcium carbonate. After that, you can easily scrub away the limescale and have your toilet clean and looking great again!

Use coke

Coca-cola is known to work great for removing stubborn stains from the kitchen sink, but what most people don’t know is that it also works great for removing limescale from any areas at home that have it. The acidity helps dissolve the limescale. The method of usage is the same as those mentioned above.

You’ll need to pour the coke into your toilet, let it sit for a while and then flush and scrub (if needed). If the limescale is more than usual, you can scrub with a brush before flushing and removing the cola. This way you will be able to use it as a product of cleaning and let the product do its work when spreading it even more around. You can repeat the process if needed.

Popular products that remove limescale

If none of the methods above has worked you might also want to try some of the products on the market that are known to be useful in dealing with limescale.

Elbow grease

Elbow grease is a popular detergent that works as a limescale remover. It helps with degreasing and removing all stains but still requires manual hard work. Even if let soaked, you’ll have to then scrub thoroughly to remove everything and enjoy a clean toilet. Don’t forget products like this one require you always to wear gloves and protect yourself as they truly are strong.

WD 40

If you can find WD 40 in London, it’s also a good choice for removing limescale. The strong formula works really nice when dealing with hard-water damages. There are also other special products on the market that are made for removing limescale, so pick one that exclusively claims to work with this type of stain.

Trust a professional cleaning company

Don’t forget that a professional cleaner is your best choice if you want to have your toilet as good as new. Cleaning companies have a lot of experience in dealing with limescale and will take care of your problem in no time, and it will require zero effort from you! Sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it?

Contact Keen Clean for more tips on how to clean limescale or book an appointment to have your place cleaned by professionals!

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