Having a pet is really a lot of fun, but your home can get messy sometimes. Your little friend fills it with love, but also fur and oftentimes unpleasant smells. Lots of people choose cats over dogs as they are fairly low maintenance, but even the most well-behaved kitties can have an unfortunate accident at home. Urine stains are common problems for cat owners. When your cat starts urinating outside its little box, the smell can be difficult to get rid of. One thing is for sure, a home filled with the smell of pet urine is not a happy place to hang out, is it?


Your love gets tested when you find out the cat has mistaken your carpet for a toilet spot, but all you should do is act fast! It’s important to neutralise the urine odour to prevent the same situation from happening again. Cats often return to the marked territory if the smell is still there. Also, the longer pet urine sits on a carpet, the more complex, nearly impossible it will be to remove the smell and stain afterwards.

An essential fact to consider in advance is that your cat’s pee can affect up to 4 different surfaces – starting from the carpet to the carpet backing, the carpet pad, and the floor underneath. Most people clean just the surface as the visual spot is there. However, the longer you let the urine in, the more layers it will affect, and from there, the harder it will be to remove it. Regardless of what products you are using, it’s important to clean all parts of the carpet and the floor that the urine has touched.

Once you have seen the stain and learned how deep it has soaked, it’s time to start the cleaning.

How to do the cleaning of cat urine yourself?

Here are a few tips from us that will hopefully make this mission possible!

What you need for this DIY cleaning project is baking soda, white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, enzyme cleaner, clean cloth, or some old towels.

Gather those around you and follow the next steps:


Step One

Firstly, take the old towel and try to absorb as much of the cat urine as possible. Then add baking soda on that spot! Once you are done dusting baking soda all over the stain, let it sit for ten minutes.

Step Two

It’s time to add the vinegar to the baking soda, pour a reasonable amount, let it fizz for a few seconds, and soak the liquid with a fresh cloth.

The area should be clean now, but the hard work just begins!

Step Three

Now you should eliminate the smell. Mix a few tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide with a drop or two of dish soap. This solution can be too harsh for your carpet, so it’s better to try it first on a small invisible spot, and in case it looks good after pouring the liquid onto the stained area, you can proceed.

Rub the mixture into the carpet, scrub the fibres and try to do it fast. After you’re done, clean carefully with a cloth, so it doesn’t take the colouring out of the carpet. Clean the hard floors below by spraying the area with the same mix, then again cautiously wipe the spot to remove it.

Blow with a fan over the wet spot to help it dry quickly.

Step Four

The next step is very important as the uric acid in cat urine will recrystallise, even though at the moment it might look clean, so don’t skip it.

Wait around 24 hours, then pour some enzyme cleaner on the area. Do not step on this area! Try to cover it someway for a day or two until it dries completely.

Once it’s dry, you should use the mop and vacuum it. This process should remove the smell from cat urine completely!

If you don’t want to use chemicals for the cleaning, you can try applying only natural products too. White vinegar is a proven stain lifter, and baking soda will help to get the pee odour out of carpets. We need to be honest, your chances of success are not high, but you can at least try!


Hopefully, the smell is all gone, but if not, we have bad news. It might be better to get rid of the carpet and put a fresh coat of shellac on the wooden floor.

To be honest, there is one much easier solution to this. Simply call us! With the help of good equipment and high-quality products, we can save you all the stress and long hours of cleaning. With our professional carpet cleaning services, success is guaranteed! We will get rid of the stain and the smell, leaving your home sparkling clean and filled only with the love of your pet!

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