It is time for Spring Cleaning – again! Most people shiver down the spine when they need to roll up their sleeves and deal with all the dirt, dust, and clutter, trapped in their home during winter. During our years in business, we have met people passionate home keepers, but even the biggest enthusiasts are not excited to spend endless hours of cleaning and organising every area in their home. We have decided to share with you how to save time and be more efficient during this year’s big cleaning of the house.

Cleaning Secrets to Saving Money, Time and Energy While Cleaning

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Switch to Multi-Purpose Products and Detergents

As we wrote before, putting together a cleaning kit with products and tools you will need for every room makes the job easier and saves you time. However, carrying single use detergents means extra weight to carry around with you, so you get tired and slow down. Simplify your mobile cleaning kit to work faster and get done with the Spring cleaning sooner. You can cross off most of the chores on your list using just an abrasive product, an all-purpose cleaner, a degreasing spray and a wood cleaner. You can also prepare some DIY green cleaning solutions and put them in small containers.

Take Measures to Prevent Distraction

Have you ever wondered how come a single professional cleaner manages to clean more for a couple of hours than you in a week? Sure, professionals have perfected their perfected their routine over the years. But they also follow this one rule to be more efficient: when you clean you don’t do anything else. So, if you want to finish with the spring-cleaning chores on time, you need to take care of the distractions around you – turn off the TV and the sound of the phone, put snack away while you clean. You can still listen to music though – fast, energetic music will even keep you focused while you clean.

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Prepare a Cleaning Route

We often waste more time and energy to circle from one spot to another, than in actual cleaning. That is why you need to have some cleaning route. A lot of professionals prefer to clean the house room by room and say you should try the same. Another trick used by cleaning technicians, that can help you save time is to do the chores by type. For example – polish all wooden surfaces in the house and don’t start another task, before you have cleaned even the smallest wooden ornaments. Both approaches have their advantages so you can try which one works better for you.

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Use Both Hands

Whenever possible, use both your hands to tackle the spring-cleaning tasks on your list. It may be strange at first, but then you will see that this trick prevents you from tiring fast because you distribute the efforts you make more evenly. You can use this trick when you have to clean large surfaces, like polishing mirrors, wiping the fridge door or when you have to scrub the oven.

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Always Tidy Up After You Are Done

Spring-cleaning is exhausting, and it is tempting to ditch the tools and supplies wherever you used them last with a sincere intention to put them away the next day. However, this robs your of the satisfaction that the Spring cleaning is over. So, make this last effort and tidy up after you clean and you will enjoy the results of your work and see that you did a great job!

If you still feel that Spring cleaning simply isn’t your thing just book our one-off cleaners to handle the task for you. The Keen Clean professionals will take care of your home or garage at a competitive price and no efforts on your side.