You can tame the worst allergy symptoms with a few small changes in your routine.

In our previous post Keep Allergies at Bay By Hacking These Home Cleaning Habits – Part 1, we have shared some handy tips to help you keep dust, pollen and other allergens at bay. There are a lot of things you can do to ease your symptoms – from getting a better vacuum cleaner to changing your laundry habits. Read on to learn 4 more ways to get the handle of your allergy with some tiny adjustments in your cleaning habits. And take in mind – even the smallest efforts count if you want to feel comfortable at home.

Mould is bad news for the whole family – even healthy people can develop an allergy when living near spores of the fungus.

Keep Your Home Mould-Free

Mould and mildew spores are potent allergens and can trigger various nasty symptoms. To minimise the threat, you need to do your best to keep these fungi away from your sanctuary. Condensation is the most common cause of mildew and mould growth at home. Optimise the ventilation systems in the house – the proper airflow will contribute to maintaining the humidity at safe levels. The thorough sanitising of the bathroom and kitchen is also helpful. Both areas are prone to mould, and mildew appearance. Cleaning with appropriate products also helps to keep spores, bacteria and other allergens out of your home. You can check these tips on how to prevent condensation and how to clean mould at home.

Get a few dust masks from the hardware store and wear them when cleaning to avoid respiratory irritations.

Wear Mask and Gloves When Cleaning

Pollens, dust, and mould spores can easily irritate and worsen your symptoms if you suffer from allergies. The last thing you want is to be scrubbing and wiping touching and inhaling the allergens. This is why Keen Clean specialists recommend being extra cautious and protecting your airways and skin when doing the chores. There are a few more things you can do to turn your home into a healthier place.

Most commercially sold cleaning products can worsen your symptoms.

Avoid Some Cleaning Products

Check your cleaning inventory and get rid of all scented products right away. Although the fragrances don’t lead to the direct allergic reaction, they will irritate your nose and airways and can worsen your allergy symptoms. Stick with natural cleaning products when possible. And of course, swap the spray air-freshener with natural essential oils. Check our post Home Cleaning Products that Are Not Safe for Children and find out some alternatives to the harsh chemical product that can trigger your allergy. Some classic natural recipes for homemade cleaners you can try are:

  • vinegar and water solution for moping the floors instead of floor cleaner
  • scrub the bathroom times and sinks with baking soda, instead of tile cleaner
  • wipe wooden furniture with natural oils instead of polishing products

You can involve even the youngest members in home cleaning if you present the chores as a game.

Delegate Some Chores to Family Members

Although most people don’t like cleaning, everybody has some particular chore they enjoy – folding laundry, dusting or vacuuming. But some tasks are more harmful to your allergies than others. This is why you should consider asking your family or roommates take over the chores that can irritate your condition and worsen the symptoms the most, even if you prefer doing them on your own. Avoid all tasks that expose you to dust, pollens, or mould spores. When your allergy is at its peak, you can safely take over chores like doing the dishes, mopping the floors, ironing, taking out the trash or the shopping. If delegating the hazardous task isn’t possible you can outsource them to a professional home cleaner.