How to Keep the House Clean and Tidy When Having a Cat?

You can remove cat hair from your upholstery with a lint roller.
Having a pet is great and it doesn't mean you need to live in a mess! Our team of professional cleaners shares 6 easy ways to keep your home clean and tidy, even if you share it with a cat! Brush Cat’s Fur In order to control the amount of hair, sticking to your clothes, furniture and carpets you need to take better care of your cat’s coat. Brush your pet with specialised glove every few days if it has short fur, and daily – if your feline has a long fur. When you brush your pets, the most of the excessive fur goes to the glove and not on your carpets and furniture, or in your cat’s ...

4 Simple Steps For Easy Cleaning of the Sofa

Prolong the life of your favourite couch with these 4 simple tips.
The sofa, armchairs and the carpets accumulate a lot of dust and without proper maintenance, they start to look scruffy and worn out. Cleaning the sofa without professional help is a tricky task. However, the Keen Clean experts shared 4 things you can do to keep your sofa as new. But before you start, take in mind that different types of fabric require different methods, so check our detailed guide on how to deal with different types of upholstery. Step 1: Deal with the Dust As we mentioned above, the soft furnishings are among the biggest dust magnets in your home. You probably vacu...

How to Find The Best Cleaning Company When Moving Out of Your Rental Home?

There are many pros and cons of doing the end of tenancy cleaning by yourself when moving out of a rental property. However, when the property is too big, or when you have limited time to relocate, the DIY approach is not an option. There are many companies that provide this service and choosing the one that suits your needs can be an overwhelming task. This is why we are sharing some useful tips to help you recognise the quality end of tenancy cleaning service. Ask for an End of Tenancy Cleaning Guarantee Do the end of tenancy cleaners provide a guarantee for their service? If the a...

4 Ways to Prepare Your Own Green Carpet Cleaners

Using steam is a green and safe way to clean your rugs.
Although there are a lot of eco-friendly cleaners and detergents nowadays, most of them are still ridiculously expensive. This is why today we will share with you how to prepare 4 safe and efficient carpet cleaners at home. If you want to green up your cleaning routine without spending a fortune you can check more environmentally friendly recipes and methods on our blog. Steam Cleaning Solution Using a steamer to clean your carpet is one of the best ways to kill bacteria settled deep into the fibres. And the best part is you don’t have to use a strong toxic product when cleaning with...

10 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Your Return Before Going on a Holiday – Part 2

Prepare a few things in advance in order to enjoy your summer vacation.
Summer is here and we all are making our vacation plans. Who doesn’t want to have the perfect holiday? However, in order to enjoy your vacation up until your last day off, it will be smart to prepare in advance. Cleaning and preparing your place before your holiday is probably one of the most important preparations you can do and it definitely pays off. Because there is nothing more depressing than coming to a messy, dirty home after a beautiful vacation. Check also: 10 Ways to Prepare Your Home Before Going on a Holiday – Part 1 The Essential Pre-vacation Cleaning List In our previou...

10 Ways to Prepare your Home for Your Return Before Going on a Holiday – Part 1

You will enjoy your vacation more knowing that you will come back to a clean and welcoming home.
Summer is here and most of us are already making vacation plans. This is why the Keen Clean experts’ team decided to put together a short list of pre-vacation cleaning tasks. For some, cleaning right before a holiday sounds like the ultimate oxymoron. However, there is nothing more depressing to come back from a wonderful experience at a messy, dirty house. Read also: 5 Tips for a Clean Home and a Carefree Summer The Essential Pre-vacation To-Do List Check up this 10 chore-list that will help your return less stressful and will ease the adaptation to your everyday life: Spotless ...

5 Ways to Impress Clients at Your Office Immediately

Clean windows make the place look bright and inviting.
A clean, professionally looking office premises can make a huge impact on both employees and clients of your business. Keen clean specialists have already shared with you some tips on how to keep your workspace in perfect condition in our previous article: “5 Proven Ways to Keep Your Office Clean and Welcoming”. Today, we are going to focus how to use the entrance hall of the office in order to shape your business reputation and leave the perfect first impression for your clients. Here are 5 ways to impress clients, partners and visitors with your lobby. Pay Attention to High Traffic...

5 Spring Cleaning Chores You Can Do In Less than 1 Hour

Time to make your home shine! Photo:
Spring Cleaning may seem like an overwhelming task, but actually, there are some tasks you can do in under an hour and they still have a great impact on the look of your home. Let’s check which are the 5 chores you can tackle quick and easy this season! Check also: How to Maintain a Clean Home with 30-Minute Clean-ups Clean Your Bathroom This is one of the easiest spring cleaning chores at home, and one of the most satisfying too! The best way to make your bathroom shine is to clean it right after taking a shower, while the tiles are still moist from the hot water vapour. Grab you...

7 Spring Cleaning Mistakes Everybody Does

Improve your Spring cleaning routine now. Photo:
Bad habits die hard and this applies to cleaning as well. There are some mistakes most people do when it comes to Spring clean the house. In order to refresh your home faster, easier and stress-free this year, we decided to put together a list of the 10 mistakes (almost) everybody does when doing the yearly deep home cleaning. Read also: How to Prepare Your Home for a Lazy, Stress-Free Summer Forgetting to Disinfect the Mop Despite the fact, that the kitchen sponge was named the dirtiest items in your house, your mop is actually dirtier. It accumulates various bacteria after every...

4 Eco-friendly Ways to Keep Your Rug Clean

If you have pets you will have to vacuum at least 2 a week.
Most of the common carpet cleaning products contain toxic ingredients that are dangerous for our health, as well as for the health of our pets. Luckily, it is possible to keep your rug as new, without using harsh chemical products. Check our 5 green rug cleaning suggestions and learn how to maintain your home carpets in a perfect shape. Read also: How to Turn Your Home into a Healthier Place Vacuum Your Rug Regularly Dust, dirt, and soil enter our home on our shoes and on our clothes. Dust enters the house every time you open a window. Small particles of dirt settle deep in the ru...